What is Cleansing Oil and How Does It Work?

What is Cleansing Oil and How It Works?

If you are looking to take deeper care of your precious skin, surely you have come across “oil cleansing” products section, but, “what is cleansing oil?” you may ask, today, we will give you a little insight on how cleansing oil works and what’s so great about them, we will be recommending some great cleansing oils if you stay around till the end!



What is cleansing oil?

Cleansing oil is another great facial cleanser option, they are impressive at removing hardcore makeup, dirt, sunscreen and excess oil. What makes them different is how they work compared to the traditional water-based cleanser in the form of cream and gel. These oil particles break down and dissolve makeup and sunscreen substances that cannot be removed easily by normal cleansers. 
            Oil is a special type of solvent as they are lipophilic, referring to them being naturally attracted to other oil substances, this includes the sebum found on our skin and oil-based makeup ingredients. For this reason, the cleansing oil is able to penetrate deep down into the layer of your skin and attract oil-like substances and gently melt them away while softening your skin at the same time.



            What is double cleansing oil method?

If you have been around in the Asian skincare community long enough, you probably have heard of the “double cleansing” method, sounds confusing right? Essentially, this method is designed for girls who wear makeup or anyone who wants an extra cleansed face! What we often find is that makeup particles don’t always want to leave your skin and just one wash is almost never enough to remove all the foundation, powder, concealer and primer. To get your skin extra clean, we recommend you try the “double cleansing” method, where you first clean off your makeup with a gentle oil cleanser, to ensure that all the makeup particles are removed off your skin. Then, go in with your normal water-based cleanser to give it an extra wash to remove any left behind dirt and makeup particles. Now, you will have the soften and cleanest skin that everyone dreams of having!



            Who is a cleansing oil best for?

Can I use oil cleanser if my skin is naturally oily? Of course, you can! Oil cleanser is formulated to be easily rinsible with water and does not leave an oily residue. Essentially, anyone can use them, even those with sensitive skin often find oil cleanser super gentle and calming on irritated skin. Two factors to consider when deciding if oil cleanser is for you; personal preference and how long wearing is your makeup. There is no point forcing yourself to lather oil onto your face if you dislike that thick oil texture, also, if your makeup is long wearing, you may want to consider oil cleanser as it is considered one of the best ways to remove stubborn makeup. Oil cleanser is usually not a wrong choice for anyone, assuming that you are not allergic to any ingredients, it really comes down to your personal preference.




            Benefits of oil cleanser

There are many benefits to using oil-based cleanser, but some of the main benefits are;

  • Removes stubborn makeup and sunscreen
  • Leaving the skin feeling supple and smooth
  • Highly moisturising while effectively cleansing
  • Best for double cleansing method
  • Compatible with all skim types

Once you find the right oil cleanser for you, it is hard to be disappointed, you will find just how easily it removes makeup without having to rub the skin. This is one of its many beauty!



Our top recommendation

It is hard to choose just one, but if we must, we would recommend the highly loved and praised DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, it is a beauty in a bottle. This product has not been at the top of Cosme rank for no reason, it is simply great at what is claims to do. It deeply cleanses your skin, ensuring to remove all the dirt and impurities without ripping the natural oil in your skin. While doing so, it delivers moisture and hydration into your skin. It is gentle yet highly effective and this is why it has been our all-time best-selling oil cleanser.


DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

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