Lululun Over 45 Aging Care Camellia Pink Face Mask 32 Sheets


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Birth! "New aging care (* 1) mask" from the age of 45!  From Lululun, the face mask Lululun Over45 for people over the age of 45 who will surely change their skin is finally here! Rather than age, a face mask packed with ingredients that adapt to changing skin will maximize the beauty of that age. Lulurun wants to be a partner that will continue to support the beauty of your lifetime. (* 1: care according to age) It is a mask of "Camelia Pink" that will do. 


Lulurun made the Camellia Pink Face Mask with the image of elegant softness and burning red, the unpretentious elegance that only adults can have, and the tsubaki flower that feels the strength of the core. Focusing on adult skin, which tends to lose its elasticity, contains a vegetable-based moisturizing ingredient (*). It leads to moist and moisturizing elastic skin. (* Iris root extract, coconut fruit extract, artichoke leaf extract)



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