Lululun White Face Mask 32 Sheets


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Lululun White Face Mask 32 Sheets
Lululun White Face Mask 32 Sheets

▼ new Rururun, the maximum effect of the exhibit when you use every day
important component to protect the moisture of vitamin D when your skin. Sunburn measures can actually lead to vitamin D deficiency.
Vitamin D deficient skin is less effective at protecting moisture.
New Lulurun is designed with the concept of "people can be used to strengthen the skin as they are used" and "make use of the power of the original skin" by adding peony flower extract to the common ingredient and supplying vitamin D firmly .

▼ Health bursts! This is a moisturizing type lotion mask with pink balance that leads to natural and beautiful skin .
We pay attention to skin resident bacteria and adjust the skin balance over a long span.
For those who are worried about shine and dryness, we recommend Lulurun, a balanced moisture type!

▼ Thorough approach to dry skin! For

skin with high moisturizing blue drying. A highly moisturizing face mask.
Moisture inside the skin "circulate", "hold", "keep".
It leads to moist, full and beautiful skin.
For those who want to pursue moist skin, high moisturizing blue lulu run is recommended!

▼ Gives bright luster to skin by moisturizing ahead! The

concept is a transparent white "Let's protect beautiful skin not only in weak seasons but also in everyday use."
This is the one I want you to use before you worry.
If you want to feel shiny and beautiful skin, we recommend you to use Lulurun, a transparent white type!



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Lululun White Face Mask 32 Sheets
Lululun White Face Mask 32 Sheets