NONIO (Quasi-drug) Hamigaki Pure Mint Set (130 g) x 2 Pieces + Floss


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Triple action for bad breath as well as removing stains. Toothpaste that can prevent bad breath thoroughly:

* Cleaning ingredients (Na hydrogen carbonate, Na polyphosphate) disperse the "mass of bacteria" that causes bad breath and make it easier to remove.
* The bactericidal component LSS (Lauroyl sarcosine Na) thoroughly sterilizes the bacteria that cause bad breath and prevents the occurrence of bad breath.
* Contains breath refreshing ingredients. Reset unpleasant bad breath

<Ingredients> Wetting agent: Solbit liquid, PG / Cleaning agent: Silica anhydride A / Viscosity regulator: Silica anhydride, Na polyacrylate / Foaming agent: Na lauryl sulfate, POE hardened castor oil, Palm oil Fatty acid amide propyl betaine liquid / Viscosity Condensation: Xanthan gum / Cleaning agent: Na polyphosphate * 1, Hydrogen carbonate Na * 1 / Flavoring agent: Fragrance (pure mint type) * 3, Saccharin Na / Stabilizer: Ti oxide / Cooling agent, Mentor / Medicinal ingredient, Huh Sodium carbonate (fluorine), lauroyl sarcosin Na (LSS) * 2 / pH adjuster, sodium hydroxide solution / preservative, paraben / flavoring agent, rosemary extract