Rohto Z pro c 12ml


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  • Vitamin B6,
    which improves fatigue eyes by activating tissue metabolism that has a burden of vitamin supplementation on the pupil,
    is the maximum concentration formula * within the standard.
    ●Contains the maximum concentration of neostigmine methyl sulphate
    , which acts as a focus control function on the control nerves of the recovery eye and relieves stiff eye fatigue
    ● Promotes
    cellular respiration Activates cellular respiration of the eyes and improves the fatigued eyes by combining
    L-aspartate potassium, the maximum concentration within the standard *.
    ※ maximum concentration of general ophthalmic drug manufacturing approval criteria

    coolness level 8+ Rotojipuro c (this product) finest * of refreshing feeling!
    * Our in the product the highest sensation of coolness level

    anytime, anywhere, free that can be eye drops smoothly When
    you want the angle nozzle "Z!", You can easily do eye care and it is very convenient.
    Eye drops OK at any angle!



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