ANGFA Scalp D Beaute Pure Free Eyelash Serum Black

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[Girls can be cute with eyelashes ]

Do you have this feeling?

  • It is pretty with natural makeup
  • I want to add more eyelash extensions
  • Make your eyes beautiful with UP!

Scalp D eyelash serum supports girls who have this feeling


[For longed eyelashes with exhilarating stiffness ]

Contains 8 eyelash care ingredients .

By applying it to the eyelashes and hairline, you can improve your hair!

Makeup beauty in the eye Power UP to!


We are particular about penetration * ² ♪]

Concentration of ingredient * in nano-sized capsule "Lash D capsule" improves the penetration level .

Keep your current eyelashes tight .

To more attractive eyelashes!

~ What is nano? ~

The "nano" world is a very small world that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Delivered by reducing components that are too large to reach deep inside * 2.


[Discerning design ]

Design that does not use seven components (paraben, oil, alcohol, surfactant, silicone, synthetic fragrance, synthetic coloring)

Allergy tested

* Not all people do not have allergies.


[Thinking of sensitive eyes]

So that it can be applied firmly from the base of the eyelashes.

We adopt fluffy curl tip !

Care for the base of eyelashes with gentle comfort


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