Dejavu Lasting Fine S Liquid Eyeliner 2 Glossy Brown


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[Film type]
A liquid type that repels sebum, sweat and tears and resists rubbing .
Nevertheless, it is turned off with hot water when

dropped.The freshly drawn glossy line lasts for one day. * 2 (Waterproof type)
film firmly removes glossy dark brown clear lines from sebum, sweat, tears and rubs. guard.
* 1 * 2: There are individual differences in the effect.

  • Ultra-fine brush that can be drawn smoothly As it is an ultra-fine brush type with moderate elasticity, it is easy to fill in gaps between eyes and eyelashes, and you can also smoothly draw eye drops. You can draw smoothly without blurring or blurring of lines.
  • Dark brown with a glossy line that makes your eyes stand out clearly while giving a gentle impression.
  • Off & pigment type with hot water
  • The film is off with hot water of about 40  A pigment type that does not stain the skin, leaving no dullness. (In rare cases, it may be difficult to remove when mixed with eyeshadow, etc. In that case, please remove with your cleansing fee.)
  • Skin-friendly!
  • [Improved] Beauty ingredients * Care for eyes with formula. * Hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate, and rosemary extract (moisturizing)
  • Quick-dry type! Even if you open your eyes immediately after drawing, the lines do not pass through the eyelids.



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