The Rose of Versailles Oscar Long and Film Mascara Mannish Black


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A long & film type mascara that "finishes" your eyelashes for a long, glossy look.

  • Long & film type with two types of fiber wrapped around the eyelash 360 degrees
  • Two types of fiber with different length. Skillfully entangles even short eyelashes, and the longer you overlap, the longer the lash effect.
  • Straight straight brush that catches eyelashes from all directions . Easy-to-use slender straight brush. Approach thoroughly from the inner corner to the outer corner.
  • Easy to lashes
  • Film type that doesn't bleed even after easy off time with hot water . With a quick-dry finish, you can rest assured in the morning when you make up in a hurry. In addition, it is strong against water, sweat and sebum, but is easy to use with hot water. Turn on and off the makeup, both times are reduced.
  • Cool nuances with blue polarized pearls . Add depth to your makeup.


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