Wakodo Gyu Nyu Ya San Gentle Milk Tea


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Round finish with fragrant black tea and milk. Caffeine-less * with a gentle taste. You can enjoy your favorite amount and depth. * Milk tea with caffeine cut by 90% or more. ("Japan Food Standard Composition Table 2010" Black Tea Infusion) 

Just use our own creaming powder and dissolve in hot or cold water to enjoy a rich milk flavor like no other. You can enjoy a wide range from adults to children.

The Milk Shop Series launched the first domestically produced infant formula (prepared infant formula) in 1917.Based on the technology cultivated for nearly 100 years since then, it has produced creaming powders and created a variety of varieties for different uses.

I have come. Wakodo's premix products, which include coffee, tea, and cocoa, were born out of the commitment to the taste of milk. Milkman's Coffee, which was launched for cup-type vending machines in 1991, is a popular long-selling product for over 20 years.


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