11 Best Animal Cafes for Animal Lovers to Visit and Play With Adorable Animals

11 Best Animal Cafes for Animal Lovers to Visit and Play With Adorable Animals

If you are seeking for a new experience in Japan, have you heard of “animal café”?? It might sound a little weird at first, but it is simply the type of cafes that you can enjoy food and drinks while playing/watching adorable animals from dogs, cats, rabbits, hedgehogs or even pigs! It is an incredibly extraordinary experience that cannot be missed if you are in the area. Let’s dive into some of the Best Animal Cafes in Tokyo, find your favourite animal café and enjoy a relaxing day with delicious food and adorable animals!




1. DOG HEART From Aquamarine


Photo: dog-heart


If you are a dog lover, the DOG HEART café near Yoyogi Park will make you feel like you are in heaven! However, we suggest visiting this café only if you are a true dog lover, this café allows dogs to roam around freely without any restrain. They might climb onto your lap, lick your phone, or beg for some belly rubs. But it is the charm of this café, you can enjoy interacting with adorable dogs like they are your own. The majority of the dogs are made up of toy poodles, beagles and golden retrievers.


Photo: kaigai-kuri




2. Harajuku Mameshiba Café


 Photo: timeout


Next up is the Harajuku Mameshiba café, this café is on the Takeshita Street in Harajuku where you can enjoy some wholesome time with Mameshiba. It is the first dog café in Tokyo that allow you to interact directly with Mameshiba which are a relatively small sized dog that are typically friendly and like to sleep. Once you enter the café, you will see more than 10 Mameshiba roaming around, some might be sleeping on the floor sunbathing. It is such an adorable scene that will melt your heart. The café also offers some drinks and delicious meals that you can order while you are there.


Photo: timeout




3. Usagi Cafe Usabibi


Photo: jalan


Rabbit cafés are also just as adorable and popular among tourists, Usabibi café has a cozy atmosphere with warm and relaxing decorations. The café has several types of rabbit, and you can request to spend some quality time with them. Some rabbits may be in a cage, and some may be roaming freely. We recommend making reservation before visiting the café as it is extremely popular, especially during weekend.


Photo: usabibi


Photo: usabibi




4. Usa Cafe Mimi


Photo: usa-mimi


Usa Cafe Mimi is where you can enjoy spending some time with rabbits in a free-range space. An adorable café with a line-up of rabbits such as Holland Lop and Mini Rex rabbits, as well as a unique type of lion rabbits. At this café, you can choose 3 different courses, from 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes. Each course will come with a meal that you can select from the menu, while you enjoy spending time with adorable rabbits.


Photo: usa-mimi




5. Cat Cafe Cateriam


Photo: cateriam


Next is a cat café that you can enjoy variety breeds of cats that roam around in a free-range space. Cateriam is a cat cafe in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. You can choose a course plan that allow you to spend 1 hour in the café with 1 cup of drink. There is also an additional extension fees if you wish to stay longer than your allocated time. More than just adorable cats, there is also a wide selection of drinks, including baked goods and light meals that are perfect as a snack.


Photo: cateriam




6. Temari no Ouchi


Photo: jalan


A unique cat café that is designed from the inspiration of forests in cartoons. Unlike other cafes, once you pay the entrance fee, you can spend time in the café without any time limit. There are plenty of cute and delicious sweets and drinks with cat themes inspired. This isn’t your average café; the front doors are shaped like it is from a fairy-tale movie that is just so mesmerising. The café is also fully equipped with wi-fi and outlets, you can enjoy taking photos to share with your friends and family!


Photo: jalan


Photo: temarinouchi




7. Nekomaru Cafe Ueno


Photo: hotpepper


Nekomaru Cafe Ueno is a cat café with no age limit, even small children can enter the café and enjoy interacting with friendly cats. There is also special snack sold for 300 yen, and you can directly feed the cats. Apart from adorable cats, there is also a range of delicious deals and drinks that have cat themes. Such as French toast and pancakes in the shape of a cat’s face, these are just irresistible for cat lovers. In addition, alcohol is also available for adults.




8.Owl Cafe OZ


Photo: owlcafe


An owl Café might be a weird concept to many, but it is quite a unique concept that is far more mesmerising than you think! Owl Café OZ allow you to look at owls and admire its beauty from the distance. The food area is separated, so you can spend time observing the owls and head to the dining area which is situated inside the café. They also serve a special owl cake, which is only limited to the first 10 customers every day.


Photo: owlcafe




9. Rapace


Photo: rapace


This owl café offers a unique feeding experience twice a day, where you can directly feed owls with snacks from the café and have a close contact with them. It has a 60-minute course that includes one drink of your choice. Additionally, children under 3 years old can enter and enjoy their time at Apace free of charge. It is an excellence opportunity to admire the beauty of owls and enjoy a unique experience like nowhere else!


Photo: rapace 




10. Harry’s Hedgehog Café


Photo: jalan


At Harry’s hedgehog café, you can enjoy a unique playtime with adorable hedgehogs. Harry’s Harajuku is home to nine types of hedgehogs, each with a different set of quills in unique colour varieties. Be cautious: if you're not comfortable holding them with your bare hands, use the gloves provided so you can avoid their prickly quills. There is also an option to feed them snacks for extra 500yen, a worthy experience as you get to see these adorable creatures munching on the snacks. There's also a plenty of souvenirs available, be sure to check them out before you leave the store.


Photo: jalan




11. Mipig Café 


Photo: mipig


Lastly, a rather bizarre concept but nevertheless adorable. At this new spot in Meguro, you can enjoy a cuddling time with adorable miniature pigs. The café is decorated to express a homely and cozy atmosphere, where customers can sit on the floor and enjoy a play time with the piggies while sipping on a cup of coffee. Mipig café is where all micro pigs from baby ones to adult ones friendly live together, you can watch how they interact and play. It is a comfortable space for you to hang out with friends and family, you may want to take a nap, read books, or eat some snacks.


Photo: mipig







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