Amazing Things About Japanese Karaoke and Its Benefits You Did not Know Before

Amazing Things About Japanese Karaoke and Its Benefits You Did not Know Before

When you think of a fun time with your friends and family, a picture of a karaoke room may come across your mind. It is no doubt that Karaoke is where the fun is at. If you don’t know what Karaoke is, it is an entertainment system that allows you to choose your favourite music and sing along through a microphone, it can be enjoyed as a big group or a romantic date night.

As the name may suggest, this music entertainment is originated from Japan in 1960s, back when it was first introduced, it can be seen in a bars and pubs. Nowadays, you can enjoy Karaoke anywhere, let’s explore further and have some fun! 



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What is Karaoke?

You have probably seen a Karaoke box if you have ever visited Japan. Essentially, Karaoke is a simple term referring to “empty orchestra”, where singers can sing along to the music that is being played. Not only popular in Japan, but Karaoke has also gained popularity in United States, as well as other countries around the world.

Nowadays, when we talk about "karaoke" in Japan, the style of singing in a karaoke box is common. The karaoke box usually has many small rooms where you can karaoke with a group of friends, you can also rent these rooms on an hourly basis where you can have a private space to sing your heart out with close friends or colleagues.

Sometimes, these shops also offer a renting service for musical instruments such as tambourines, maracas and even cosplay costumes, creating an extraordinary experience for you to enjoy.

Many karaoke boxes also serve drinks, including alcohol, and light meals such as pizza, pasta, and snacks, so you can enjoy karaoke time free of hunger.


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History of Karaoke

Let’s dive down into some history lessons! Did you know that Karaoke was originated in Japan, In Japanese, “kara” means empty, and “oke” is an abbreviation for orchestra, which is a technical term used in the broadcasting industry. Together the word “Karaoke” means “empty orchestra”, where only the empty music is played, and singers can sing the words to the song.  

Originally, "Karaoke" is for professional singer to perform a song using a recorded soundtrack, without using live performance such as an orchestra. Back in the day, the purpose of karaoke is to improve the sound source of professional singer performances for the general public. Nowadays, Karaoke is available for anyone to enjoy for fun! Usually, in Japan, there will be Karaoke booths that can be seen in shopping centres or entertainment centres like arcades.  

In fact, karaoke was available to the general public in the late 1960s. Early karaoke machines were simply installed in bars, etc., where professional singers perform through a microphone to increase sound flow from a small amplifier.  




Different Karaoke Around the World

Let’s take a trip around the globe and explore different types of Karaoke around the world! Although Karaoke is originated in Japan, its popularity spread throughout United States and other countries such as South Korea, Taiwan and many more.

Karaoke is believed to have gained large popularity around 1980s, after being around for quite some time it Japan, it was first introduced to Taiwan, then spread to various parts of Asia as Japanese people migrate and move to different countries around the world. Then, gradually spread to North American and Europe. Nowadays, its popularity is still known, especially among Asians. Karaoke can be enjoyed at family gatherings, a work event or even at weddings!

Karaoke has spread all over the world, but it has developed into various styles depending on the country or region. In Europe, it is common to sing in public, including bars and restaurants, same as in United States. You can often see people singing in public places without any judgement! However, in China, they enjoy a more exclusive and private experience, where small single karaoke boxes are installing in shopping malls and arcades.

They can enjoy a more private and personal time with friends and family. There is also a karaoke apps in China, which allow you to sing through your smartphone just like how you would sing into a microphone in Karaoke boxes!




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Benefits of Karaoke  

While many people see karaoke as a way to enjoy a fun time with friends and family, it has hidden benefits that cannot be overlooked! Some people enjoy karaoke as a hobby, as it plays an important role in improving your health and well-being!

Stress release: one of the clear benefits of karaoke is that it improves your stress level, making loud noises is a form of stress relief, it is not something you can do every day, so it is great to be able to scream your heart out into a karaoke box.

Brain training: In karaoke, you use your brain simultaneously to read the lyrics and keeping the words in rhythm with the sound.  It is a great way to train your brain and mind to be in coherent, a great skill to be able to sing while looking at the lyrics and adjusting the pitch as the sound changes.

Improve communication skills: It is a great way to improve your communication skills and socialise with your friends and family. You can also sing with someone else at the same time as well, therefore it helps improving your communication skills with those around you. It is also effective for reducing dementia, many nursing home facilities use karaoke to prevent dementia for its patients.  

Improve swallowing function: recently, it is proven that dysphagia is increasing among young people. This disorder occurs when the function of the mouth and throat deteriorates causing symptoms such as accidental ingestion and difficulty swallowing. The symptoms are likely to alleviate if you train your mouth and throat by singing at karaoke. Hence, karaoke is also recommended in nursing home to prevent various health disorders.



Ways to Enjoy Karaoke

There are various ways that you can enjoy the fun of karaoke, ofc, it is more fun when you are in a group of people. Ideally, karaoke can be enjoyed with anyone, with your family, your friends, lover or even going alone! While you can be a little more competitive and set up rules to win if you are in a group of friends, but you can also enjoy a duet and some romantic time if you’re with your partner. Dance to a song or sing along with your friends and family, these are a fun way to create unforgettable memories to look back on!
            If you are a little bit shy, you can even go alone and sing your heart out to your favourite songs! No rules or judgements, you are free to choose whatever songs you would like. Enjoy your own company while relieving stress at the same time!














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