7 Best Japanese Lip Balms to Keep Your Lips Moisturized in 2020

7 Best Japanese Lip Balms to Keep Your Lips Moisturized in 2020

Whether it is winter or summer, dry lips are not a good look. It's winter now in Japan, and it seems we are all busy applying lip balm to keep our lips moisturised. But do you know the important nutrients that your lips required? Our lips need rich nourishment and protection especially sensitive and damaged lips from weather and UV rays.

            Giving your lips exactly what it wants is easy with the right treatment! Our team have combined some of the best performing lips moisturiser for our customers and we hope you enjoy this journey. Let’s get started! 



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1. DHC Lip Cream


DHC Lip Cream


Firstly the DHC lip cream is certainly a must! It contains olive virgin oil to keep the lips moist at all time, it has less sebum secretion and are covered with very thin mucous membranes, it keeps your lips moisturised and luster all day! It is perfect to apply before makeup as a base to adhere the colour lipsticks.

DHC lip cream keeps the moisture lock in place by forming a protective film with cushioning properties. Applying it in front of the lipstick prevents the lips from sticking and supports beautiful colouring.


  • Contains olive virgin oil
  • Long lasting moisture
  • Perfect as to apply before makeup
  • Glossy finish
  • Fragrance free


Price: $6.80 USD

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2. Mentholatum Melty Cream Lip


Mentholatum Melty Cream Lip


The Mentholatum Melty Cream Lip retains moisture by protecting your lip from other particles in your daily life, it adopts "moist bank technology" that turns into cream.

An unprecedented soft and smooth feel like cream melts into your lips. Applying it once and it will melt at body temperature and adapts to your lips, protecting it with the highest moisture.


  • Moist bank technology
  • Soft and smooth feeling like cream
  • Melts at body temperature
  • Highest moisture


Price: $6.15 USD

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3. Curel Lip Care Cream


Curel Lip Care Cream


The famous Curel Lip care does exactly as it promised, it keeps your lip moisture without any tint. This can be used both men and women, it aims to maximise the health of your natural lips barrier, it contains components that focus purely on delivering and capturing the best moisture to your skin.


  • Ceramide care
  • For healthy and natural lips barrier
  • Can be used by both men and women


Price: $12.40 USD

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4. Kenei Pharmaceutical Baby Vaseline Lip


Kenei Pharmaceutical Baby Vaseline Lip


Classic but not basic! The Baby Vaseline lip is easy to carry and will ensure that your lip never go dry! It locks the hydration in place all day long, also comes with various scents to make your lip juicy but sexy at the same time.


  • No fragrance, no coloring, paraben free
  • Diagonal cut, so it can be used anywhere you want
  • Portable, can be used anytime and anywhere


Price: $4.85 USD

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5. Nivea Rich Care & Color Lip


Mentholatum Lip Fondue


It combines highly selected beauty oil ingredient; Macadamia nut oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil instantly, which melts at body temperature and moisturizes your lips! It creates a smooth and comfortable coating for your lips.

It has high colour development with transparency. Five colours that can be selected according to your preference, while also protecting your lips from ultraviolet rays.


  • Smooth comfort coating
  • Contains beauty oil ingredients
  • Protects lips from ultraviolet rays
  • UV cut (SPF20 / PA++)
  • No fragrance


Price: $8.30 USD

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6. Mentholatum Lip Fondue


Mentholatum Lip Fondue


It is a perfect lip moisturiser, Mentholatum Lip Fondue is a colourless gross slip stick that wraps your lips like a soft, melted fondue and has a meltable coating feel. Plenty of serum ingredients that carefully coats the outer layer of your lips. Wraps the entire lips for a long lasting, beautiful gloss. With UV cut function.


  • Contains four types of serum ingredients
  • Jojoba seed oil, honey, olive oil, and royal jelly extract
  • UV cut
  • Slightly fragrant


Price: $7.30 USD

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7. Ettusais Lip Essence aa


Ettusais Lip Essence aa


Last but certainly not least, the Ettusais Lip Essence aa has been awarded the Best Cosmetics! Gloss serum for lips that prevents the lips from drying out. It has a light pink tint and a gloss serum that protects your lips from ultraviolet rays and dryness.

It treats your lips with a glossy finish. Perfect for that natural look with a hint of pink glow. It also protects delicate lips with hyper-gloss oil from UV rays.


  • Best Cosmetics Awarded
  • Glossy finish
  • Protects from UV rays with hyper-gloss oil


Price: $33.05 USD

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