ANGFA Scalp D Pack Conditioner 350 ml


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Scalp D core "Scalp D ingredient"

This product contains a new triple hold ingredient that keeps hair and head healthy

Carefully selected head care ingredients work on your head.

1 Aubac Extract, Getto Leaf Extract, Melissa Extract.

5 types of moisturizing ingredients that maintain the softness of the scalp.

The nutritious and soft head is a good head environment.


This time, we have improved the moisturizing formula of seaweed extract.

Recommended to use a set of shampoo and pack conditioner

Increase the volume of your hair by using a set of shampoo and pack conditioner

  1. For volume up test (calibration with shampoo only) Oily (Medicated Scalp O Shampoo NK14).

Active ingredients: Allantoin, DL-α-tocopherol acetate, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate