The Public Organic Essential Oil Colour Lipstick 3.5g


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  • Organic certified essential oil color lipstick

A natural coloring that is fascinated by mineral colors * 3 derived from 100% natural stone. Smooth vegetable oils such as organic castor oil * 4 and red raspberry oil * 5 dissolve into dry lips to provide rich moisturizing. Gives natural impression and luster while protecting with moisture veil. <Ecocert certification>

  • Three carefully selected colors that make your skin look beautiful.

Soft and gentle impression, coral pink (graceful pink) with good skin familiarity No synthetic coloring, no carmine. The color is a little bit bluish with a particular focus on natural stone-derived colors, and it is a trendy color with a beautiful appearance.

  • On and off, stick to the gentleness.

Contains topical oil "Red Raspberry Oil" * 5, which contains vitamin E and omega-3 / omega-6 fatty acids and is said to prevent damage (common ingredient). No cleansing fee required, soap-off makeup available.

  • 100% essential oil fragrance that enhances the feminine mood.

Neroli essential oil * 1 x Ylang ylang essential oil * 2 A floral fragrance full of gorgeousness.

* Patch test and allergy test have been completed. It does not mean that irritation does not occur for everyone. * Mineral oil, silicone, paraben, petroleum surfactant, and synthetic colorant free.

* 1 Bitter orange flower oil (flavoring component) * 2 Ylang-ylang flower oil (flavoring component) * 3 Titanium oxide, iron oxide, manganese violet (colorant) * 4 Castor oil (moisturizing component) * 5 European strawberry seed oil (Moisturizing ingredients)




Sunflower seed oil *, beeswax, castor oil *, coconut oil *, jojoba seed oil *, shea butter *, bitter orange flower oil *, ylang ylang flower oil *, European strawberry seed oil *, bitter orange leaf / branch oil *, Scented mulberry oil *, orange peel oil *, bergamot fruit oil *, jojoba ester, octyldodecanol, trihydroxystearin, alumina, silica, titanium oxide, iron oxide, manganese violet * Organic raw materials


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