Okamoto Zero Zero Three 0.03ml Real Fit 10 Pieces


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thin! Achieved a 0.03 mm thinness of our unique technology. The sensible temperature is easily transmitted and there is no feeling of use. soft! The material is soft and has excellent elasticity, giving a natural fit. Fit up with bare skin feeling! . Durable! We are constantly researching and developing to create more durable and more reliable products.
Features a dome-shaped head at the tip. There is no feeling of pressure, combined with the real shape of the condom body, you can get a high fit.


Condoms made of natural rubber latex are highly elastic and fit softly when worn.

We have a rich lineup including thinness, size, color, and package design.


Only 0.03mm thin!

This thinness is the biggest feature of Okamoto's Zero Zero Three.

The fitted fit feels like bare skin. I am surprised at how thin it is. It's so thin that warmth can be transmitted, so forget about wearing it!

Please experience the comfort of Zero Zero Three.

* Our measurement value based on JIS 9111: 2015.



With 003 (Zero Zero Three), it's okay to inhale so much!

Please compare with the original size.

It has the strength to break even if it swells up to here!



With 003 (Zero Zero Three), it's OK to extend this far compared to our double-thickness!

It is obvious when you add water and experiment, it has overwhelming elasticity!



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