14 Best Japanese Movies on Netflix You Should Check Out in 2022

14 Best Japanese Movies on Netflix in 2021

What a better way to relax your mind and enjoy your day off than going on a binging episode by watching Japanese movies on Netflix. In the comfort of your own home, bed? Or lounges? Perhaps a cup of tea? This spells out a perfect night in!

            Netflix definitely has some hidden Japanese gems including a samurai film, a dystopian thriller, an irresistible Japanese romcom, as well as several great anime movies, including Netflix originals. We want to give you a thorough tour of the current Best Japanese movies on Netflix, elevate your night-in with some charming Japanese films!




1. Shin Godzilla



Shin Godzilla is a great action movie that receives recognitions worldwide. An unknown accident occurs in Tokyo Bay's Aqua Line, which causes an emergency cabinet to assemble. All of a sudden, a giant creature immediately appears, destroying town after town on its way to reach the capital. This mysterious giant monster is named "Godzilla".

            Japan is plunged into chaos when a skyscraper-sized lizard monster rises from the deep of Tokyo Bay, everyone is working together to save the city.




2. Ring


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The Ring is an iconic Japanese horror film that made a lot of people fall in love with Japanese horror movies. The story line and cinematography are both thrilling and exciting, it will make you want to watch the whole movie, even if you are too scared to! The story follows Reiko Asakawa, a TV station director who is festinated by the strange death of four people who was interviewed about a Japanese urban legend.

            What strange is that all of them have watched a “curse video” claims that anyone who watch the contents will die 7 days after. Reiko continues to investigate their deaths further and obtained a video of the real curse. After watching the contents, strange phenomena began to occur one after another around Reiko. Will she get out of this curse? Or will she turn into the fifth death.




3. Ju-On: Origins



Ju-On: Origins begins with the death of a person who has a deep rage inside of them that goes on to birth an extraordinary—and confusing—curse. The son of a building's landlords goes on to take a woman hostage in the house and sexually abuses her during her captivity. The women became pregnant, and everyone assumed that the baby had died with her. But the reality is far from that.

The movie involves disturbing series of events that triggers the curse, and the victim takes on the form of the ghostly Woman in White. Unless you considered yourself as brave, we don’t recommend watching this alone.




4. Mother


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Netflix’s latest original Japanese movie ‘Mother’ had a rather depressing and disturbing storyline with the reality of controlling and toxic parenting. This Japanese movie is a story of toxic parenting, emotional torture and one mother’s control over her young, unstable family.

            Akiko is a young single mother who seeks attention and fulfillment through relationships with different men. Akiko’s need for attention often leaves her son, Shuhei feeling abandon and neglected. While Shuhei tries to break free and become his own person, Akiko is not prepared to let him go.




5.. Battle Royale



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Battle Royale is set in a dystopian society, where the government forced Japanese youth to battle in order to suppress the population of juvenile delinquents. The story revolves around 9th graders that are sent to a desert island. They are given a map, food, and various weapons. An explosive collar is fitted around their neck. If they break a rule, the collar explodes. Their mission: kill each other and be the last one standing. The last survivor is allowed to leave the island. If there is more than one survivor, the collars explode and kill them all.

            It definitely has a gruesome storyline involving violence and suicide, this may not be everyone’s forte. However, the complex storyline combines with the unusual characters make the series so interesting.




6. Erased



After the death of his mother in their own home, Satoru Fujinuma is constantly thrown back in time 18 years ago. After having to relive the life-threating incidents that have taken place. Satoru, suddenly transformed into his elementary school-self, and he must find a way to prevent these incidents involving his classmates and save his mother from being killed in the future. 

            A gripping drama driven by some brilliant performances. Erased presents a slow storyline but it will definitely keep you in tune.




7. A Whisker Away



A Whisker Away is an anime movie revolving around a middle school student, Miyo Sasaki. She struggles with a stepmother who she doesn’t get along with and a high-school crush that does not like her back. One day, Miyo comes across a stranger who gives her a cat-shaped Noh mask. When Miyo discovers that the Noh mask gives her an ability to transfer into a cat. She uses this to her advantage and transformed into a cat to spend time with her crush without him knowing.

The film first released onto Netflix in June 2020; it has not gotten the chance to be in theatre due to the pandemic. However, its sweet story and mesmerising animations led the film to be highly loved among the audience.




8. A Silent Voice



A Slient Voice is as beautifully crafted as it is powerfully written, the movie looks at teen bullying from a soberingly hard-hitting perspective that's uncommon for the animated medium. The film boasts a fresh and engaging approach in tackling the ubiquitous Japanese subject of school bullying from the perspective of the bully rather than the victim. 

            It’s about the relationship between two school students, Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya. When Shoko, who has a hearing impairment, starts as a new student in an established elementary class, delinquent Shoya teases her because of her impairment. But karma came right at Shoya when he moved to a different school, it leaves him regretting his actions towards Shoko.




9. Rurouni Kenshin



Rurouni Kenshin is about the adventures of a young wandering swordsman who stumbles upon a struggler martial arts school in Meiji era Japan. The story revolves around Himura Kenshin, known as the legendary Hitokiri (Person-slahser) of the Meiji Revolution. Himura Kenshin is the main protagonist who spent 10 years travelling Japan as a rurouni in search for redemption. In 1878, he arrives in Tokyo and takes up residence at the Kamiya Dōjō, where his vow is tested as he fights to keep the country's peace.




10. Confessions



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Confessions is about a middle school teacher Yoko Moriguchi, whose life comes crashing down after the murder of her 4-year-old daughter. Eventually Yoko Moriguchi suspects some of her own students to have been responsible for her daughter's death. An elaborate plan for revenge then ensues, including forcing students to drink HIV tainted milk.

            A bone-chilling Japanese thriller that shows the love for a mother towards her daughter with her plan of a never-ending revenge.




11. My Tomorrow Your Yesterday



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My Tomorrow Your Yesterday is about Takatoshi Minamiyama, a student majored in Art at a university in Kyoto. On the train to the school, he sees Emi Fukuju and falls in love with her at first sight. Gathering up all his courage, he speaks to her. They begin to date and enjoy happy days together, but Emi reveals her secret to him.




12. The World of Kanako


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Kanako is a girl who grows up in a broken family. Her abusive father, Akikazu Fujishima is an alcoholic who constantly abuses and assaults Kanako. The series of abuses and assaults turn Kanako into a depressed and crazy teen, who draws on someone else’s weaknesses and use that to ruin their lives. 

After his daughter disappeared, Fujishima a former detective finds out disturbing secrets about his daughter's life. He then becomes involved in a shocking situation.




13. I Want to Eat Your Pancreas



I Want to Eat Your Pancreas (2018) is currently on Netflix plan from anywhere in the world. It is about a high school student who discovers one of his classmates, Sakura Yamauchi, is suffering from a terminal pancreatic disease. This secret brings the two together, an average high schooler sets out to make the most of her final days. This beautifully crafted movie will have you touched by the strong bond between the two characters that is just so heart-wrenching and warming at the same time.




14. Gantz



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Gantz is another great anime movie that can be found on Netflix. After being brutally murdered in a subway station, a teen boy awakens to find himself resurrected by a strange computer name Grantz and forced to fight a large force of invading aliens in Osaka. Gantz is not for the faint-hearted, but neither is it as simple as it looks. Gore, rape, and violence is rampant, as are portrayals of greed, violence, and all the ugliness that one sees in society today. The film is stressful but though-provoking.









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