Shipping Information

Current Delivery Status Impacted by COVID-19

Please do understand that in this pandemic situation, the circumstances have been changing frequently. There is a possibility

 the the delivery time of your order might be delayed. It is very difficult to give a guarantee on whether your order will be arrived

on time on not as circumstances in certain countries could change at anytime. Please do understand this before placing an order.


The post office is no longer able to operate at the same capacity as they had before the pandemic which results in delays.

The estimate delivery time is just a general guideline, for some countries that are not affected much by this, orders could

arrive within that period. However, for some other countries, it could take significantly longer than this period up to one month or a few months. We hope for

your understanding. We have been trying our best to provide service in this pandemic situation. However, it is simply just

an logistics issue and it is out of our control.


Please read information about the current delivery situation impacted by COVID-19


Countries that might experience major delays:

  • Canada
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Ireland


* Tracking service for packages to Canada is temporarily suspended by Canada Post at the moment. Packages will be sent with the same premium shipping method but without tracking service.




Resumption of Delivery Service to United States

*** Updated 26/10/2021

Premium shipping method has been resumed for United States. However, tracking service is temporarily suspended at the moment for premium shipping method. Packages will be sent with the same premium shipping method but without tracking service.

For all customers who choose this shipping method, please have an understanding that the shipping situation and delivery time has not resumed back to the usual state yet and change depending on the circumstances. The delivery time of 6-9 business days from shipment is only an estimate timeline given by the post office. There is a possibility of delays from a month to a few months depending on the circumstances. Please have a clear understanding of this before placing an order. We will not be able to support you in the case that the package is still on the way due to delay.


This is subject to change at anytime without notice.


Delivery service to United States has been resumed. The available shipping method is EMS. The shipping fee will depend on the total weight of your order.

You can find more information about shipping to United States on this page




Free Shipping

We offer free premium shipping for orders over $65 USD ($35 USD for Orders to Asia). This shipping method generally takes around 6-9 business days to arrive and comes with a tracking number.





Standard Shipping generally takes around 2-4 weeks to arrive depending on the circumstances and your location. 

In some rare cases, it could take up to 6-8 weeks when for example, your order is being checked by customs or some delays due to

holidays and natural disasters.

Standard shipping does not come with a tracking number and is not insured.

*Standard Shipping is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.



Premium Shipping generally takes 6-9 business days to arrive. It comes with tracking service and insurance of up to $80 USD.


Express Shipping generally takes around 3-5 business days to arrive. It comes with tracking service and insurance of up to $200 USD.


*Please understand that the given delivery time is only an estimate and could vary depending on the situation and destination country.

We are unable to reimburse for any of the shipping fee in the case of delays.




List of countries available for Standard shipping 



Handling Time


We generally ship your order in 4 business days once the order has been made so that it can get to you as soon as possible.
In some cases, if some of the products are out of stock, it might take us about 5-9 business days.


Regarding International Shipping Process and Tracking Service

If your order is available for tracking service, once the order has been shipped, a shipping confirmation email including a tracking number will be sent to you.

Once the package arrives in your country and passed through customs, the package should be handled and delivered to you by the post office in your country. You should be able to use the same tracking status to check the status in more detail on their website.


For example,

United Kingdom - Royal Mail

Germany - Deutsche Post


In addition, they should be the first point of contact regarding inquiries about your package status.


Please understand that customers are responsible in taking any necessary actions needed on their side in order to retrieve the package.

In some cases, eg. when there was a delivery attempt when you were absent,  custom fee to pay or further necessary documentation. The post office could leave a notice for you to pick up the package at the post office or pay a customs fee. Depending on the relevant authority, they might contact you by telephone as well. 

The package is generally kept for a period of time. If the receiver does not retrieve the package within that period, the package could be processed and returned to us. Which is why we strongly suggest customers to look for any notice or contact from either the post office or customs and check the tracking status once the package arrives in your country. We will not be able to process refunds for orders that have arrived at the destination country but were not retrieve within the allowable period of time.


Regarding Customs and Import Taxes

As international purchases made through our store are considered personal imports, customers are fully responsible for any imposed import tax and return shipping fees on prohibited items.

Please confirm in advance the import laws of you country and take responsibility for your imported products.


In accordance with company regulations, we do not accept returns or issue refunds due to unpayable customs charges. Before placing an order, please confirm if import taxes are necessary at the shipping destination.


Regarding Customs Declaration

According to the import regulations we have to follow, we are unable to underwrite the value of your order. Please, have a full understanding of this before placing an order. Any requests regarding underwriting the value of your order will not be accepted. Customs also regular check the value of packages and confirm this with the invoice before the package can be successfully passed through customs which is why an accurate declaration is necessary.




In the case that customers would like to cancel their order, please contact us as soon as possible. We will confirm of the possibility of cancellation and process it if possible. Please understand that if your order has already been processed and dispatched, a cancellation is not possible. In the case that the order has been processed but not dispatched yet, a cancellation fee of 10% will incur.