About Kokoro

Who we are


Kokoro Japan was launched in September 2019 by a team of passionate individuals with extensive experiences in e-commerce and knowledge in the Japanese market. Even though we have not been in the area as long as others, we pride ourselves as a store that priorities customers first and we understand how you feel more than anyone.
Many of our team members have experienced what our customers experienced. They are introduced to the high-quality and innovation of Japanese goods either in Japan or in their own country but then problems start to arise as it is extremely difficult to get your hands on these goods. Only a few of popular Japanese goods are available at much higher prices overseas. That is why we started Kokoro Japan in order to provide the best shopping experience, the same experience you have when you shop in Japan to people around the world.

Our Promise: The 4S

Our mission is "To provide the best shopping experience​​ of high-quality Japanese goods with excellent customer service and affordable prices, the same experience you have when you shop in Japan"

That is why we promise you that everyday we always try our best to deliver you the 4S shopping experience. These are:



Of course, our goal is to see our customers satisfied with a smile on their face after shopping with us. If you are not satisfied with our products, we offer 30-day return guarantee no matter what the reason!



Ever worried about the shipping fee? That is why we do free shipping worldwide. Just pick the items you want, checkout and then just wait for it to arrive! On top of that, we offer a number of shipping methods with pricing that gets cheaper as you buy more.



We are happy to answer any of your questions at any time. We promise to keep you updated in every process of your shopping experience. If you encounter an issue, no matter what, contact us and we will get back to you and solve it. 



Please be assured while shopping with our store, our website is encrypted, secured and complied with international standards. All payments are proceeded through our credit card system and PayPal and we do not store your payment information.



   We admire the innovation and creativity of Japanese goodsOur goal is to bring these products to the people around the world, so that everyone can appreciate the innovation and creativity that have come from Japan.