What is Pachinko? And How to Win the Big Prize There!

What is Pachinko? And How to Win the Big Prize There!

Pachinko – to put it simply, it is a type of game that you twist the handle of the machine to launch small balls and aim for a big jackpot hit. It is similar to pinball, played on machines that look similar to slot machines.

Ultimately, pachinko is played by shooting ball bearings up the side to get the ball to land in certain pockets. If you hit the right place, then you’ll win more balls to play with – it can be game pieces and prizes. After playing, you can exchange these balls for prizes or cash (outside the premises).



History of Pachinko

The game was first imported to Japan in 1924 and became popular as a gambling game for small prizes. The name “pachinko” came from the onomatopoeic “pachin pachin” of the mechanism. The first game store opened in Nagoya in 1930, but during World War II the parlous were shut due to the circumstances. Back then, machines were mainly mechanical up until the 1980s, when they started to become more electronic and a lot more stylish. Nowadays, there are usually multiple layers to each game, including slot machines in the centre that lead to increased payout.



How to Play Pachinko


Japanese Pachinko with Pachinko Machines with Japanese people playing in Shinjuku Tokyo


Firstly, you must be 18+ in order to play at the pachinko machines, pachinko parlours are usually loud with bright lights and blaring music. Once you enter, you can head to the counter and buy some balls. Usually, there is a set of 250 balls that come in a big plastic tub ready to be played. Once you decide on the machine, you can put some of the balls into the machine. Now, you’re ready so let’s play!



Japanese Pachinko Gaming Machine Screen in Shinjuku Tokyo


Press the button or spin the wheel in the bottom corner to fire one or many balls, the aim is to land balls in the pockets rather than the gutter at the bottom. If you twist the button all the way to the right, the ball will launch to the right side, therefore, try to slightly twist them in order for it to land in the middle. If a ball enters the ‘navel’ hole in the corner of the table, you can receive a big jackpot.

The goal of the game is to collect as many balls as possible. These balls can be exchanged for non-cash prizes within the Pachinko parlour. Then these non-cash prizes can be exchanged for cash outside the premises of the Pachinko machine parlour.


Pachinko Machine Handle and Push Button


Japanese Pachinko Gaming Machine Handle in Shinjuku Tokyo     Japanese Pachinko Gaming Machine Push Button in Shinjuku Tokyo




How Do You Quit?

Pachinko is fun as you can play for as long as you would like. If you don’t hit the jackpot there is no minimum time for you to play. You can end it any time you would like, when you leave your seat ensure that you don’t leave anything behind and that you remove the card with your balance out of the machine. Be sure to settle the balance on the same day with the checkout machine. You may not be able to settle the payment at a later date.




Once the player is done with the game, they can take the ticket to the exchange centre in the venue to receive their prize. There are variety of prices available depending on the number of balls won, among these prizes, there will be a ‘special prize’ – which are typically a silver or gold item inside a small plastic box. These special prizes can be sold for cash nearby pachinko premises, as it is illegal in Japan to gamble within the venue.

Generally, the prize is calculated based on the number of balls won, for example, a prize valued at 1500 yen outside of the store is offered to customer for every 400 balls won (1 ball is equal to 3.75 yen). Players often choose the special prize in exchange for their ticket. As it can be redeemed for cash outside the store. Other prizes can include pencils, lighters, household appliances, toys or cigarettes.










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