10 Best Japanese Bath Salts to Create the Onsen Experience At Your Own Home for 2021

10 Best Japanese Bath Salts to Create the Onsen Experience At Your Own Home for 2021

Bath salts have plenty of minerals and benefitable ingredients that improve the health of your skin while relaxing your muscles. Taking a bath is always a relaxing way to untwine yourself from a stressful day. You can refresh your mind and body by taking a warm bath and letting all the minerals slowly soak into your skin.

It is especially great for recovering from fatigue, stuff shoulders, or when you have poor blood circulation. Apart from the standard products sold at local supermarkets, there are also luxury brand products such as "LUSH", "Ayura", "Sabon", and "Clayd" that are suitable for gifts. These days, Japanese bath salt is also a popular gift for special occasions, it is a thoughtful way to show that you care for them. We will introduce you to 10 Best Japanese Bath Salt that will elevate your bathing experience.




Bath salts enhance the various effects that can be obtained by taking a bath, such as the warming your body, improving blood circulation and nourishing the skin. In addition, many products contain a component that neutralizes chlorine contained in tap water, so one of the advantages is that bath salts make the water more purify.

However, some bath salts are not recommended for baby under 3 months old where their skin is still sensitive to most mineral products. So, it is important to observe the ingredients before your use it. Also, be aware that on very hot summer days, bath salts can cause your body temperature to rise too high. Generally, these minerals give you a warm bath effect that is proven to improve your circulation, relieve muscle pain, alleviate stiffness, and make you feel refreshed.




1. Sea Crystals Epsom Bath Salt




This salt bath largely focuses on delivering highest moisturising power without damaging the skin. The Epsom salt is extracted in the Seto Inland Sea and produced at a cosmetics factory in Yamanashi Prefecture. It can also be used for bathing babies. It claims to increase the moisture content of the skin by about 5%. It does not contain any fragrance, making the water colourless and transparent. If you want to keep your skin healthy, this is definitely a recommended product to add in addition to your normal bath routine.

            Simply dissolve a generous amount of the Epsom Salt Bath into a warm tub of water, enjoy a relaxing time while these ingredients deliver benefits to your skin health.




2. Yakusen Meguri Bath Salt




Healed your skin by the gentle scent of lavender. Assorted products that allow you to enjoy a variety of hot spring moods. Making you feel like you are at a hot spring, as you can easily enjoy 4 types of famous medicinal hot springs in the comfort of your own home.

Wrapped with 4 different scents, including a scent of mountain miles flowers, the scent of deep green trees, the scent of clear pins, and the scent of a full bloom flower, you can enjoy the atmosphere of hot spring water in your home. With active ingredients that enhance the effect of a hot bath, warm the body from the core and promote blood circulation.

            A perfect way to relax your tired and overworked body by enjoy the feeling of a Yukumi at home. 4 assorted packs, so you can enjoy 4 famous medicinal hot springs.




3. Bathclin Kutsurogi No Shuku Relaxing Inn Bath Salt




Enhancing your hot bathing experience to make you feel like an authentic hot spring. This bath salt is warm enough to wrap around your body and you can feel the warmth even after bathing. It is recommended for fatigue recovery, cold symptoms, back pain, stiff shoulders, rashes and nerve pain.

It is also suggested for kids and babies, as it promote blood circulation and improves the skin cell reproduction. Enjoy an irresistible relaxing time while you untwine from a busy day at work. A perfect way to end your day.




4. Barth Neutral Bicarboanted Bath Salt




It has a unique technology with neutral bicarbonate. The active ingredient of the fountain that transform your ordinary bath into a luxurious experience. It is important that hot water is neutral for this bicarbonate ion to blend in and dissolve.

Base is formed with a unique solidifying technology that allows baking soda and citric acid to control the reaction timing of the two ingredients in the water, keeping the hot water neutral and infused with bicarbonate ions.


It increases the effect of a hot bath and supports the rise of body temperature. It is said to have the effect of relieving physical fatigue, and improve the health of your body, this method is popular for muscle relaxation since the ancient times.




5. Kao Bub Medicinal Carbonated Bath Salt 4 Kinds of Carefully Selected Scents Assortment




Even on a busy day, a daily short bath of carbonic acid power enhances the warm of your ordinary bath, by increasing blood circulation and loosens muscle stiffness. A great way to relieve fatigue, stiff shoulders, back pain, and poor circulation.

It has a warm veil component that wraps the entire body while the carbonic acid power fully dissolves in warm water. Even after the hot water is finished, the comfort of warming up to the core continues. It is great for travelling due to the small pack that is convenient to take with you anywhere you go!

            Simply drop the bath salt into your warm water, it stays at the bottom of the bathtub and foams up. Carbonic acid spreads throughout the hot water. Ready for you to relax and enjoy.




6. Hakugen Earth Iiyu Tabitachi Relaxing Weather Assorted Bath Salt




Experience the authentic feeling of a hot spring in Nigori-yu with 16 kinds of scents and hot spring colours. The sodium hydrogen carbonate and sodium sulphate ingredient enhance the warm bath effect, promote blood circulation, and are effective in relieving fatigue and stiff shoulders. It also contains moisturizing ingredients such as adlay extract, angelica acutiloba extract, for a hydrated feeling after bathing.

            Because Japan has thousands of amazing Onsens, each of them carry different experiences and atmospheres. Hakugen wants you to be able to experience this in your own home. With their new line of bath salts that capture the hot spring experience from different locations across Japan.




7. Aqua Gift Pure Magnesium Chloride Bath Salt




Packed with moisturising power that benefits the skin from its core. No scent or colour when added to the hot water, perfect for those that want something simple yet relaxing. The Aqua Bath salts are refined only from the seawater of the Seto Inland Sea.

It does not use synthetic fragrances or colourings and can be used by everyone from babied to the elderly. Enjoy a relaxing time knowing that your body has been taken care of.




8. Bathclin Nihon no Meitou Japanese Famous Hot Spring Luxury Bath Salt Hot Spring Type




This is hot spring type bath salt is developed from the owner visiting different hot spring facilities in Japan, as well as thoroughly researched the quality of excellent hot spring based on the analysis table. Expressing the authentic hot spring experience with colours and fragrances that resemble each location.

Immerse yourself in a luxury bath time that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. This hot spring bathing agent allows you to enjoy the mood of different hot springs in the comfort of your own home. Great for relaxing muscle fatigue, stiff shoulders, cold disease, back pain and neuralgia.

            This luxurious assortment of bath salt is a great gift for any occasion, especially for Mother’s Day, this product is a great to show genuine care for your loved ones.




9. Original New Original Yakutou Medicinal Hot Spring Hiba Bath Salt




This bath salt features a unique scent of herbal medicines that has been a healing agent since ancient time. A medicated bath salt that enhances the bathing effect and is effective against haemorrhoids, rash, and roughness.

The warm bath promotes blood circulation, metabolism, and the cleansing action to cleanse the skin. In addition, jojoba oil, a moisturizing ingredient, protects the skin from flaking after taking a bath. It has a natural scent of natural Hiba (Hinoki Asunaro).




10. Yumomoto Sulfur Milky Natural Hot Spring Medicinal Bath Salt




Last but not least, this medicinal salt bath claims to help promote blood circulation and relieve the stiffness of certain muscle groups. Great for warming up your blood circulation as it ensures that the warmth of the bath spreads throughout your whole body.

It includes herbal medicinal ingredients that may be a hit or miss for some people. If you enjoy a gentle scent of herb and therapeutic smell, this bath salt is perfect for you. It is not recommended for babies due to its medical properties, great for adults and elderlies.




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