11 Best Japanese Toothbrushes for Your Oral Care in 2021

11 Best Japanese Toothbrushes for Your Oral Care in 2021

Many people may find it difficult to maintain their dental health. The secret of maintaining your oral health lies in finding the right toothbrush for your gums and teeth. We have combined a list of the Best Japanese Toothbrush that are designed to effectively clean and polish your teeth. We care for your oral health, and you should too by keep reading this blog!




1. Lion Clinica Advantage Toothbrush 4 Rows Super Compact




This Lion Clinica Advantage Toothbrush allows the tips of the bristles to reach further back with the ultra-thin head. It reduces brushing pressure with flexible handle. Elastic fit brushes that penetrate between the skin and thoroughly removes plaque. The pen grip makes it easy to hold and light enough for easy cleaning.




2. Lion Systema Toothbrush 4 Rows




Lion Systema is great for all age because it has an ultra-fine hair tip that reaches deep into the periodontal pocket, which cannot be reached by ordinary toothbrushes, it scrapes out dirt and periodontal disease plaque. The head size is a compact size and a 4-row type with a basic head width.




3. GC Ruscello B-20 Pisera Toothbrush




Pisera is a toothbrush made to meet the needs of teens and adult women. It combines the ease of polishing with 4-row flocking and polishing with a compact head and handle. Properly catches stains at the back of molars with 5 different colours: blue, green, orange, pink and black.




4. Kao Pure Oral Toothbrush Compact




Tight tapered bristles that adhere to teeth and thoroughly tears the build-up of bacteria and plaque. You can gently brush the borders between the teeth and gums and remove the stain on the teeth. The rounded cut is designed to be gentle on gums and fits perfectly between teeth and gums. Perfect for those who are concerned about periodontal trouble. Available in 3 colours: blue, pink, and green.




5. Ebisu Premium Care Toothbrush Regular




The wide head of the Premium Care toothbrush was created with the idea that anyone can easily and efficiently brush their teeth without having to learn difficult brushing techniques. The premium care toothbrush has a wide head with about twice as many flocked hairs as other toothbrushes. You can easily remove any bacteria and polish them efficiently.






6. Lion Dent.EX Systema Toothbrush 44m Compact



Sold in 4 packs, Lion Dent.EX systema is a toothbrush recommended by professional dentists. These are not sold at general pharmacies or drugstores. Original super-tapered bristle reaches the periodontal pocket without difficulty and is effective for mechanical plaque control. 




7. Lion Clinica Advantage Toothbrush 3 Rows Super Compact Soft Type



It has an ultra-thin head that reaches deep further into each pocket. Lion Clinica Advantage Toothbrush 3 Rows uses elastic fit bristles to effectively remove the dental plaque. The "hexagonal slim handles" is easy to hold while thoroughly cleans the bacteria.




8. Sunstar Ora2 Me Toothbrush Miracle Catch



The miracle catch bristles are finely divided into each piece for a soft and gentle texture on the teeth and gums. Fits the unevenness of the teeth and scrub the gum thoroughly to remove dental plaque. Stain clear bristles are arranged in a balanced manner to polish between each tooth. Gentle and effective on your gums.




9. Lion NONIO Toothbrush TYPE-RICH Regular



Lion NONIO Toothbrush has 2 levels of ultra-fine bristles that can enter any difficult area. With plenty of bristles that can easily wrap around your teeth and efficiently remove plaque. The entire surface is made of firm and resilient SST bristles. The ends of the bristles reach the gap, which help to effectively removes dirt.




10. Sunstar Gum Dental Toothbrush 3 Rows Super Compact Head



Sunstar Gum Dental Toothbrush has a thin compact head which provides great care for your teeth and gums with tapered bristles that effectively scrape the plaques in difficult areas. This product is recommended by the Japan Dental Association.




11. Kao Clear Turn Tooth Surface and Gap Plus Toothbrush Compact



Kao Clear Toothbrush has spherical bristle tips which scrape plaque gently even if it hits the teeth at various angles. It has extra-fine hair that helps polishing and removing plaque on the surface of the teeth. This toothbrush is sure to effectively clean your teeth and gums without damaging the inner pockets, recommended by dentists due to the gentle bristles that are effective at cleaning.





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