18 Best Japanese Chocolates that You Can Enjoy from Japan in 2021

Japanese Chocolate Snacks in Japanese Convenience Store 7-eleven

If you have got a sweet tooth, this article might just be perfect for you! We can’t deny that chocolate has been well-loved around the world for a long time. Not only that it will satisfy your sweet cravings, but it has also been scientifically proven to increase the production of serotonin, making you happier after consuming them.

Japanese chocolate is known for its perfect blend of sweet and richness, it is made according to the tastes of Japanese people. Chocolate is a familiar dessert that is sold at every local convenient store, in Japan there are a wide variety of chocolates, including bitter ones with a lot of cacao, those with mixed fruits, and luxury brand chocolates that can be found in department stores.

Let’s explore some of our top picks for the best Japanese chocolate in 2021!!



1. Black Thunder


Black Thunder


This one is an all-time favourite, one that hits your sweet cravings without a doubt! It is a chocolate-coated plain biscuit with crunchy cookies in the middle. In 2017, it has released a renewed version with increased amount of chocolate coating!! You will experience a taste of good quality chocolate with great texture to it. If you want to enjoy rich chocolate without an overpowering sweetness, try this one.



2. Anpanman Peropero Choco


Anpanman Peropero Choco


This product will sure trigger your childhood memories, Anpan Peropero Choco is definitely kids’ top favourite pick from the supermarket. Anpanman's licking chocolate is recommended for families with small children. 

As you won’t have to worry about cleaning after the mess, their hands will not get dirty easily due to the plastic holding stick, so it is useful as a snack on the go. This is Anpanman's face, but there are 5 types in total, including Baikinman, Akachanman, and Melonpanna-chan.



3. Glico Pocky Strawberry Assorted Set


Glico Pocky Strawberry Assorted Set


Pocky is definitely one of the most well-known snacks from Japan. The standard Pocky is recommended to be kept in a large bag so the biscuit part will not become soggy. We can all agree that nothing beats the classic strawberry-flavoured Pocky. 

There are plenty of 9 sachets in the pack, so you can use it as a snack or distribute it in small gatherings. Experience the sweetness with crunchy biscuits at the same time!



4. Meiji Macadamia Maccha Green Tea Chocolate



Meiji Macadamia Maccha Green Tea Chocolate


A no-brainer combination of macadamia nuts and rich matcha chocolate. Meiji macadamia chocolate is a classic yet tasty product, a great gift to bring back from Japan. It comes in various flavours such as white, caramel, and roasted green tea.

This "Meiji Macadamia Chocolate Dark Matcha" is as the name suggest a macadamia chocolate made by wrapping fragrant macadamia nuts in rich matcha chocolate. The matcha is moderately sweet and has a slight bitterness. 



5. Meiji Galbo Crushed Strawberry 



Meiji Galbo Crushed Strawberry


This will give you a sweet and sour strawberry flavour. The Galbo snack is grain kneaded strawberry that is coated with freeze-dried strawberries, it is a combination of sweet and sour taste that creates an amazing umami.

The size is small and easy to eat, the mysterious texture that makes it crispy and moist when chewed is irresistible. It doesn't melt when you touch it so you can eat it on the go without worrying about the mess.


6. Meiji Strawberry Chocolate Box


Meiji Strawberry Chocolate Box


A tasty and delicious pick we highly recommend! A gem that contains the mellow scent of sour strawberries in milk chocolate. You can feel the sweet and sour taste of strawberries, but it is definitely not too overpowering. It is individually wrapped, perfect to cure your quick cravings.



7. Lotte Choco Pie


Lotte Choco pie


A great snack to share with family and friends. Lotte Choco pie is a sweet made by sandwiching a softly sweet vanilla cream with a fluffy cake and coating it with chocolate. The slightly fragrant Western liquor is an accent. A pack of 9 regular sizes that is full of volume, this snack is sure to play an active role when a large number of people gather. Some people prefer the taste of it after being refrigerated, you can enjoy the crispy texture of chocolate with a thin surface.



8. Glico Pocky Winter Melt-in-the-mouth


Glico Pocky Winter Melt-in-the-mouth


This is a limited-edition item that can only be eaten in winter! Winter only Pocky with mellow chocolate coated with cocoa powder. You can enjoy a rich taste of chocolate with a good texture. Since the part that touches your hands is not covered with chocolate, you can eat it without getting your hands dirty. On cold days, you can enjoy a luxurious time with a hot drink and winter pocky.



9. Glico Almond Peak


Glico Almond Peak


These crispy almonds are so addictive! Glico's almond peak is a chocolate-coated almond with a crispy texture. It is carefully caramelizing with the original candy roasting method; it trapped the light texture and the sweet and fragrant flavour of almonds. The balance of almonds and chocolate is exquisite, and it is so delicious that you will not want to stop eating it.



10. Glico Pocky Adult Amber Chocolate


Glico Pocky Adult Amber Chocolate


This is a luxury release Pocky designed to accompany your drink. This product is made with the concept of adult Pocky, it is made specifically to be enjoyed with alcohol. Wort, which is the same ingredient as whiskey, is kneaded into the pretzel to create the scent of whiskey.

The pretzel is coated with low-sweetness chocolate to add a bitter taste. A luxurious Pocky that adds glamor to your home drink. Great side snack to go with your party nights.



11. Tirol Chocolate Milk


Tirol Chocolate Milk


Ever since its introduction back in 1962, Tirol Choco have been fondly embraced by the Japanese public throughout the years. There are countless varieties of flavours to be found, but one of the most popular is the Tirol chocolate milk flavour. Its rich sweetness with a cute packaging makes for the perfect on the go snack. It comes in small cubes which is great as a quick fix for your sweet cravings.



12. Morinaga Choco Ball Strawberry


Morinaga Choco Ball Strawberry


These round snacks are coated with strawberry chocolate and have a crunchy texture with cocoa-flavoured cookie centres. The beak-shaped opening of the box is also inspired by the Choco ball mascot Kyoro-chan! It is a perfect combination of sweet and crunch, perfect for when you don’t want pure chocolate snack.



13. Meiji Almond Chocolate


Meiji Almond Chocolate


As we have already established, chocolate and almond are just the perfect combination! Meiji Almond Chocolate has been a long-selling and popular Japanese snack loved by many.

Real pieces of carefully selected almonds are covered with a rich and buttery chocolate from Meiji Japan. It is a great gift to bring back from your Japan trip! Nothing hits the spot quite like the classic Meiji Almond Chocolate snack.



14. Meiji Take no ko no Sato


Meiji Take no ko no Sato


A sweet and crispy texture all in your mouth. The Meiji Take Sato is a sweet treat that is as fun to look at as it is to eat. It is quite hard to beat the crunchy biscuits covered with its delicious chocolate taste.

These bite-size almond flavoured biscuits are covered in a thin layer of creamy milk chocolate, then topped with a layer of slightly darker chocolate moulded into the shape of a little bamboo shoot. Making it so fun and delicious to eat!



15. Meiji White Chocolate


Meiji White Chocolate


The Meiji white chocolate is something you will see at every local Japanese convenient stores. Meiji is one of the oldest and most loved confectionary companies in Japan, creating tasty treats for over a century now.

Meiji’s foil and paper wrapped white chocolate bars have been in circulation since the 1920s which has made them a very classic and nostalgic chocolate in Japan with both the young and old. This Meiji White Chocolate Bar is made of creamy white chocolate which would be perfect for those who enjoy the sweet and milky flavour of white chocolate.



16. Meiji Meltykiss Premium Chocolate


Meiji Meltykiss Premium Chocolate


Meiji Meltykiss melts in your mouth like snow. It is a limited product only for the winter season, they are cube-shaped premium chocolates that are coated in cocoa powder and filled with different flavoured sauce. It is chocolate snack with a twist, making it an all-time classic Japanese snack for when you want something richer than the typical chocolate bar in the market.



17. Lotte Ghana Roast Milk Chocolate



Lotte Ghana Roast Milk Chocolate


Ghana Roast Milk Chocolate is Japan’s long loved and trusted snack loved by many. Milk chocolate with a rich taste of roasted milk, gentle cocoa with hints of hazelnuts and caramels. The flavour and richness of roasted milk make a delicious treat to enjoy anytime of the day.

It is made with a special manufacturing method, using the ultra-fine refining technology, making the chocolate super silky and smooth in your mouth.



18. Nissin Cisco Choco Flakes


Nissin Cisco Choco Flakes


With a new and improved chocolatey taste! A blend of rich cocoas from both Ghana and Ecuador coat each and every fragrant corn flake so that the delicious flavour of chocolate fills your mouth as you chew.

The crunchy corn flakes covered in smooth, thick milk chocolate. It's the ultimate snack for chocolate cereal lovers! The resealable pouch makes it easy to save some for later. 

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