35 Most Popular Snacks Of All Time That You Can Buy In Japan 2021

35 Most Popular Snacks Of All Time That You Can Buy In Japan 2021

Who can resist snack time? At Kokoro Japan, we offer many popular Japanese snacks that you need to try, including; Japanese snack rice crackers, Pocky and many more! Japanese Snacks are both unique and full of creativity, oh and did I mention delicious? But we know they are not always available around the world, so that is why we offer a wild range of Japanese snacks that can be purchased online and deliver to your front door! At Kokoro Japan, we have full lists of many popular snacks here are some you should check out!!



Or are you planning a trip to Japan? Then just take notes of our list and just go straight to buy them yourself as much as you want at any supermarket or convenience store! Most of them should be able available anywhere!! These are all must buy snacks from Japan! It is all about sharing and enjoying!!!



1. Meiji Takenoko no Sato



Bamboo shoot shaped biscuits covering in generous amount of chocolate. This classic Japanese snack, you can never get enough of.



2. Kaki no Tane



This little pack filled with crunchy biscuits and peanuts is the perfect on the go snack to bring with you to work, school or even on your day out! It is just enough to fill you up, leaving you satisfied and fulfilled. It is also a perfect snack to compliment your drinks!



3. Hi Chew



Delicious and addictive Japanese Candy, comes in multiple fruity flavours, promises to deliver a splash of flavour in your mouth. These chewy candies have strong authentic flavours including grapes, strawberry, apple and many more.



4. Apollo Chocolate



The contrast between pink and brown deliver two distinct flavours that work in harmony in your mouth. The sweet strawberry taste combining with the indulging chocolate flavour create the perfect sweet combo.



5. Umai Bo



Umai bo is a delicious, puffed corn stick, full of flavour and seasoning. It comes in many different flavours to suit your preference.



6. Bokun Habanero



This superhot ring-shaped crispy potato, creates the umami taste that you just want more and more. They claim to use the spiciest chili peppers “habanero” so if you are feeling a little daring, this one is a must! 



7. Pure Gummy



It is a heart shaped candy, coated with sweet and sour powder.



8. Happy Turn



It is a rice cracker coated with magic powder, perfect snack to pack for work and school. It is packed with multiple layer of flavours, combining with a perfect crispy crunch.



9. Puccho Gummy



The gummy texture combining with the fruity yoghurt taste, creates a perfect harmony in your mouth, satisfying your sweet tooth.



10. Kara Mucho



Crunchy potato chips coated with sweet and spicy powder.



11. Bisco



Delicious buttery crème sandwiched between the two crunchy biscuits, perfect snack in a small sized of 3. These biscuits bring back the memory of childhood.



12. Pretz



Sweet pretzel sticks, a fun little snack that satisfy your hunger.


13. Black Thunder



It is a puffed biscuit snack coated in cocoa powder and filled with crème. Comes in a perfect travel size, convenient as an on the go snack for those random hungers during the day.


14. Calbee Shrimp Chips



This shrimp chips will demolish your sense of self-control, the perfect mixture of shrimp, salt, and monosodium glutamate drive your desire to want more and more.


15. Melty Kiss



The luxury individually packed chocolate confectionary is the perfect present for valentines and special occasion to express your love. The mixture of rich and sweet texture of the semi-dark chocolate creates the perfect taste in your mouth.


16. Choco Ball



There are three basic types of chocolate, peanuts, strawberries, and caramel in a rectangular box, they deliver district flavour yet all taste delicious



17. Sours Gummy



Chewy gummy comes in a small square bite. It is a hard chewy gummy that deliver splash of flavours in your mouth.


18. Pocky



The Japanese popular snack “Pocky” is a pretzel stick covered in different types of chocolate. It comes in all different sizes and colours to satisfy everyone’s fantasies. Pocky has released over 70 flavours and editions for you to try and taste!


19. Baby Star Ramen



A unique snack that recreates the flavour of ramen. It comes in the perfect size for it to be shared or eaten individually with joy and happiness.


20. Caramel Corn



A sweet half-moon shaped snack. Delivering the taste without being too sweet, the salty peanuts works so well with the caramel corn.



21. Cabbage Taro



A delicious and nostalgic taste of crunchy corn puffed with a delightful garlic and salt seasoning.


22. Koala March



Koala March is a bite sized biscuit filled with generous amount of chocolate ganache on the inside. It is cute and delicious all at once!!



23. Yan Yan Choco



Everyone’s favourite snack, Yan Yan is a stick biscuit that comes with a delicious chocolate dip on the side. The snack can be enjoyed individually or shared with your friends and family.


24. Kororo Gummy



Tasty grape flavoured gummy, the chewy texture and everlasting sweetness create the perfect snack of all time



25. Kabuki Age



Rice cracker comes in an individual package, it has a crunchy texture and slight sweet soy sauce flavour.


26. Meiji Galbo



A popular Japanese snack containing a unique chocolaty texture. The chocolate snack is made of hard chocolate covered with cookie in the middle. No doubt, a must-try for all chocolate lovers!


27. Calbee Jagariko



A popular Japanese snack, Calbee potato sticks with solid texture and a slight crunch. If you are looking for a delicious savoury snack, this one will not disappoint.



28. Country Ma’am



The perfect chocolate chips cookie, hitting all the spots, it is not too sweet yet satisfying your sweet bud without destroying the diet. These little cookies come in all different sizes, it can be shared with family and friends for more fun time!



29.Meiji Almond Chocolate



Almond covered in chocolate can never go wrong. These delicious crunchy handpicked almonds, coated with generous amount of chocolate, it is a perfect snack when you’re feeling naughty but want to keep it healthy!



30. Meiji Kinoko no Yama



Mushroom shaped biscuits covering in generous amount of chocolate. This classic Japanese snack, you can never get enough of.


31. Lotte Toppo



Pretzel lover? This one is a must! The crunchy pretzel stick, filled with creamy chocolate paste, delivering a kick of flavour in every single bite.


32. Calbee Sayaendo



The unique snack for any peas lovers out there, this one will not disappoint. The strong flavour of beans, combining with the crispy baked potato chips, create the perfect combo in your mouth.



33. Koikeya Potato Chips



The delicious garlic taste, combining with the crispy potato chips, cut finely to absorb all the flavours. Creating the perfect go-to when you’re craving for savoury snacks.



34. Lotte Rummy Chocolate



If you enjoy the rich flavour of rum raisins and chocolate, you cannot miss this one. The dark chocolate compliments the chewy texture of rum raisins, combining with the creamy ganache, creating the classic harmony in your mouth. 



35. Lotte Choco Pie



Experience the indulging delicious light whip crème sandwiched between the moist sponge layers, satisfying your sweet cravings in every way. The snack can be eaten both room temperature and straight out of the refrigerator for that hot summer day.



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