9 Best Japanese Makeup Brands in 2020 Perfect for Any Style of Makeup!

9 Best Japanese Makeup Brands in 2020 Perfect for Any Style of Makeup!

For those who regularly shop Japanese cosmetics, this question has come across many at least once. “What cosmetics brands to buy from? And what is the difference between them?”. Sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming for newcomers to find the most suitable brands for their taste and makeup style as there is not much information available online.


Do not worry! We are here to help you with our ultimate list of best Japanese cosmetics brands. This list includes both Japanese drugstore makeup brands and the brands that can be bought from department stores.


We will cover each one of these brands in detail, described the characteristics and what it suits for. With these brands, you should be able to find the perfect match for your makeup style! Whether it is Japanese cute makeup style or Japanese natural makeup style.


We will also introduce some of the best-selling products for that brand, so you know what is the best cosmetic product that brand is known for.


Source: Cosme-tantei.com 


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1. Canmake


Canmake Japanese Makeup Brand

Source: https://imgc.eximg.jp


Recommended Brand for Beginners Because of Its Ease of Use!

Canmake is a drugstore cosmetics brand that offers affordable makeup products with cute and colourful packages. Because it is one of the best Japanese drugstore makeup brands, it is extremely popular amongst young people due to its quality at affordable prices.


CANMAKE also offers different choices according to the trend of the season. They are quick to release a trendy colour.


As mentioned before, their selling points are not just the appearance and prices because they certainly make sure to provide good quality for their product contents such as the texture and available amount.






Kate Japnese Makeup Brand

Source: https://fitter.cosme.net


Numerous Best Cosmetics awards Winner!

Kate is a brand that is popular amongst middle-aged women with its matured black concept. It offers a variety of makeup styles from natural makeup to Japanese Gal makeup style.


Kate’s Designing Eyebrow has been considered the best for a long time. Because it has won so many prestigious cosmetics awards, the performance is of high standard without question.


Price: $15.70 USD

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3. Cezanne


Cezanne Japanese Makeup Brand

Source: http://ichikini.com


Safe and Simple Choice!

Cezanne’s makeup products are made with a simple and safe formulation which is very beneficial for those who prefer. Pricing and a variety of choices are also two factors behind Cezanne’s popularity.




4. Excel


Excel Japanese Makeup Brand


 Source: makeit.press


This brand is very popular due to its ease of use and a variety of choices. They can be found at most of the drug stores in Japan.  Their eyebrow and eye shadow cosmetics are extremely popular.


Their best-selling products include Excel Powder and Pencil Eyebrow EX and Skinny Rich Shadow. The excel powder and pencil eyebrow EX provides a beautiful three-dimensional eyebrow.


The Skinny Rich Shadow creates a beautiful and mature eye look. All the colours are either brown or beige, so you can layer them easily in order from the colour in the upper left. This product is highly recommended for makeup beginners.


Price: $22.30 USD

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5. Maquillage


Maquillage Japanese Makeup Brand

Source: http://howatya.seesaa.net/article/453245153.html


Aiming Towards Mature Women by Offering Affordable Prices

Maquillage is another subsidiary brand of “SHISEIDO” published in 2005. The difficult pronouncing brand name means “makeup” in French. The target age group is women in 30s with its more mature design.


The recommended product of Maquillage is its best hit eyeshadow in 2019 “Dramatic Styling Eyes”. It is a brown eye shadow offering 7 different colours. By choosing the colour of eyeshadow according to the colour of your eyes, it can highlight the effect on your eyes.




6. Majolica Majorca


Majolica Majorca Japanese Makeup Brand

Source: https://image.biccamera.com


Magic and Fairy Tales Design!

Majolica Majorca is a subsidiary of the well know Japanese beauty brand “SHISEIDO”. They have a designing concept of magic and fairy tales for their products. This is very interesting for those who want to try something new.


Because of its unique design, it is known as a brand with cuteness that is popular for young people.



Its recommended product is definitely the Long Long mascara which can provide really that perfect long mascara look!


Price: $16.90 USD

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7. Lunasol


Lunasol Japanese Makeup Brand

Source: http://kao-h.assetsadobe3.com


Recommended Luxury Brand for Mature Women

The brand name represents two words “Luna” for Moon and “Sol” for women which portrays its concept that women are reborn even more beautiful when the moon disappears and then sunrise. Their eye shadows are especially popular. They are loved by many in Japan because of its ability to tighten the facial expressions.




8. RMK


RMK Japanese Makeup Brand

Source: https://cdn.fortune-girl.com


Well known and recognised across different generations

RMK is a subsidiary brand of Kanebo. Their concept is to “draw out the beauty out of that person”. It is also popular overseas due to its known high quality and applicability to a wide range of people from 20s to 50s.


They focus on natural makeup style rather than a flashy one which explains its popularity in Japan as natural is the mainstream style. Therefore, their base makeup and foundations are really exceptional.


We recommend their Creamy Foundation N with there sustainability that will last throughout the day and still appears attractive.




9. Chifure


Chifure Japanese Makeup Brand

Source: http://www.chifure.co.jp


High-Quality and Simple

Chifure is known as a brand with high-quality with competitive pricing. One of the reasons they achieved this could be because its lower costs in advertising. This brand can be bought in most of the drug stores in Japan.


Because of its high-quality and simple packaging, the brand is loved by people of all ages.


Its Lip gloss is recommended with its moisturising power and a variety of colours.




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