Heroine Make Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Beauty Review 2022

Heroine Make Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Beauty Review 2022

You may have heard about this brand before. Heroine Make’s “Kiss Me” brand eye product is one of the best selling brands in Japan. It is featured by many famous makeup artists on YouTuber and YouTubers. Recently, one of the popular products by this brand is their smooth liquid eyeliner, aside from their very popular mascara. Read more to find out about this well known eyeliner!

Although this eyeliner has become very popular to many Japanese people, it has also spread its popularity among people of other countries. In a recent makeup video that was posted by VOGUE, a K-pop artist named Jeon Somi had used this product for her makeup look. 

In this beauty review, we are going over all about this liquid eyeliner. I’ve used this product in the past before, so I can say that I’m an experienced Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Eyeliner user! It’s literally my favorite eyeliner I’ve ever tried in my life so far, and I still use it daily. So if you want to know if this eyeliner is really for you, or worth the hype, continue reading about my experiences!



About Kiss Me

Kiss Me is a brand owned and created by Isehan, a company that has been manufacturing makeup and beauty products for over 200 years. As a result of Isehan’s long know-how and experience, they have grown Kiss Me into a brand that not only Japan adores, but also worldwide.


Quick Facts about Heroine Make Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (01 Jet Black)

The Heroine Make Kiss Me Eyeliner is an eyeliner that is best known for its long-lasting results. It is developed to last the whole day as the product is smudge proof and water proof––strong to tears, sweat and water, as well as oil. The 0.1mm ultra fine felt tip would allow you to create precise lines and strokes. Another great feature about this product is that you are able to take this eyeliner off with warm water.

Ingredients: Water, Ethylhexyl Acrylate/Methyl Methacrylate Copolymer, CI 77266, Butylene Glycol, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Alcohol, 1, 2-Hexanediol, Ammonium Acrylates/Methyl Styrene/Styrene Copolymer, Acrylates/Octylacrylamide Copolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Beheneth-30, Methylparaben, Triethanolamine, Aminomethyl Propanol, Propylparaben, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Sodium Benzoate, Panthenol, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Succinoyl Atelocollagen



My Initial Impression

As I have mentioned before, I have already used this product in the past. Nevertheless, I still love the design of the product, very different compared to the product packaging, which has so many texts, images and explanations about the product. Taking out the eyeliner product itself from the plastic packaging was very easy—no need for scissors, which I liked a lot. 

One of my favorite features of this eyeliner since I first saw it in the beginning, I’ve noticed that the tip is so thin. I was so excited that it was so thin, because it meant that I am able to draw fine lines and details. Recently, I’m very into drawing eyeliner in the inner corners of my eyes, which is very trendy right now, and instantly, I knew that it is the perfect eyeliner to do it with.

Using the Product

Similar to many other eyeliner, it is easy to use. In terms of product design or usefulness, there’s nothing in particular about it, other than how it has a thin tip. Sometimes, products with thin tips tend to get destroyed after a while, but this product does not do that at all. Even using this product on top of foundation/concealer/eye primer/eyeshadow, it does seem to work perfectly fine.

The Effectiveness of the Product

The product is true to its description! It does not smudge what-so-ever. It is so resistant to tears, sweat and any form of water, which means that you can definitely wear this product at the beach/pool or while doing any activities that require you to sweat. Also, I need to mention that my eyeliner stays SNATCHED throughout the day, and it does not smear. It always stays clean and sharp, and I appreciate that about it.

Removing the Product

The packaging says two things: the product comes off using warm water, and the product comes off with soap as well. I tried taking off the product using warm water, but honestly, it did not come off that well. You kind of need to rub it off, which I don’t really like to do to my skin. Then I tried taking it off with soap but….meh. It doesn’t work so well. When taking off this product, I definitely recommend using cleaning oil or micellar water, because it worked very well for me.



The Pros and Cons


  • Long-lasting 
  • Waterproof (Strong to tears, sweat and any other forms of water)
  • Oil-proof
  • Rubproof
  • Easy application with fine 0.1mm tip
  • Even application on every eyelash
  • Minimum to no scent
  • True to color
  • Can take off using warm water or with soap


  • It can be a little drying for some people
  • May not be easy to take off using warm water or with soap

Final Thoughts

HANDS DOWN, this is the BEST EYELINER ever! There is no other eyeliner that can top this one, I bet. It’s not only very easy for me to use and draw fine lines, but it lasts a long time, and my eyeliner still looks very clean and sharp.

Because I have experience using this product for years, I can let you know that this product lasts a very long time (no damage on the tip!). I think that it's a beginner friendly product as well, so if there is anyone trying out eyeliner for their first time, this product is it. It’s definitely worth the price buying this product! Not to mention, this product is also available in other colors, so even if you are looking for an eyeliner in a different color, this product might still be the one for you!




By Kaitlyn C.

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