Senka Perfect Whip Face Wash Beauty Review

japanese face wash senka perfect whip face wash lying on a white cloth stylish lifestyle photo 洗顔専科 パーフェクトホイップ 洗顔料

Senka Perfect Whip Face Wash is one of the most famous Japanese face washes known to many people in Japan, as this product has been the number one cleanser for 10 consecutive years in Japan. This face wash has become popular worldwide especially after many people have seen and heard k-pop idols using it. Read more to find out what this product is all about!


holding senka perfect whip new package unopened lifestyle stylish photo on white background product review 肌ラボ 極潤 ヒアルロン洗顔フォーム


This product is every Japanese person's holy grail, as this face wash is known for its ability to clean the face very thoroughly—removing excess dirt and residue that is in the deepest areas of your pores. It is highly recommended for those who may have acne problems, as this soap has the ability to clear skin very gently and effectively.

For years, I’ve used this product in the past in Japan, so it was interesting to see how different it is when using it in the United States. Read further down below to read about my experiences and comparisons of using it in two different environments!



About Senka

Senka, is a face and body skincare brand that was created by Shiseido in 2003. Their brand is most famous for their foaming soaps that are very dense and soft, being highly effective and affordable. Among all the products in this skincare line, the most popular and best selling product is the Senka Perfect Whip Face Wash.



Quick Facts about Senka Perfect Whip Face Wash 

japanese face wash senka perfect whip face wash lying on a white cloth stylish lifestyle photo 洗顔専科 パーフェクトホイップ 洗顔料


The Senka Perfect Whip Face Wash is one of the best selling face foam wash in Japan. It contains ingredients like natural silk essence and hyaluronic acid (sodium acetyl hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate) that helps the skin achieve smoothness and moisture. Because of its dense and soft micro-rich foam, it cleanses your skin of such impurities like dirt and sebum. 


Ingredients: Water, stearic acid, PEG-8, myristic acid, hydroxylated K, glycerin, lauric acid, ethanol, BG, glyceryl stearate (SE), polyquaternium-7, sodium hyaluronate, sericin, sodium acetylhyaluronate, hydrolyzed silk , EDTA-2Na, Na pyrosulfite, citric acid, K sorbic acid, Na benzoate, Fragrance


Skin type: For all types of skin, but especially for oily skin

Texture: Smooth, heavy and thick cream-like texture; when lathered, very soft and dense foam

Fragrance: Minimum floral scent to none

Packaging: 120g 



My Initial Impression

I have used this product very often when I was in Japan, and I was such a big fan of the packaging. The packaging is very simple and aesthetic—I never get tired of it. Not only is the design nice, but I love how the packaging is very sturdy.

However, taking a good look at the ingredients, there were a few things I thought weren't great. One of the ingredients was alcohol and the other was fragrance, which are both on my “no-no list.” On the bright side, there were good ingredients as well, such as double hyaluronic acid, as well as the natural silk essence. 


Using the Product

On the packaging, it mentions how much product you should use to lather into foam. It says take 2cm (just a little bit more than a pea sized amount) to lather and make into a gentle and soft foam. You can use your hands, but they recommend using a net. Because they don’t sell the kind of net that I use for face wash in the United States, I used the round bath net instead. It worked just as well as the Japanese lathering net! 

There was no explanation for how long I was supposed to lather it. It just said to lather it till it turns into a dense foam. It’s surprising how dense the foam is even though I'm only using a small amount of product. 

I love how the foam is so soft and dense at the same time. It feels so nice and gentle on my skin which I love. Although there is alcohol and fragrance in the ingredients list, I don’t smell anything extreme which is relieving.


The Effectiveness of the Product

For me, I think that this face wash cleansed my face very well. My face feels very different from before I washed my face—feeling refreshed and clean. Looking in the mirror, I’ve noticed that my skin was very clean and even some of my makeup residue from oil cleansing has come off as well. 

Although it has moisturizing ingredients in the face wash, I think that it did not moisturize my skin as much as I wanted it to. I’m not sure if it was the alcohol in the face wash, but my skin felt pretty dry. It didn’t feel this drying while I was in Japan, so it must be that it works better with people’s skin in a more humid and hot environment.



The Pros and Cons

This face soap has a reasonable number of pros and cons. However, the cons would apply differently depending on the person’s skin type.


  • Cleanses thoroughly 
  • Affordable
  • Colorless
  • Soft and gentle wash
  • Dense micro foam
  • Removes dirt 
  • Upgraded formula in 2018
  • Only a small amount needed
  • Contains W Hyaluronic Acid
  • Contains Silk Essence
  • Contains moisture infusion technology
  • Good for acne
  • Floral Scent
  • Allergy tested (does not mean that everyone will not have an allergic reaction)
  • Great for those who live in humid and hot environment


  • May be drying to some people
  • May not be suitable for sensitive/drier skin
  • Contains alcohol
  • Contains Fragrance ingredients 
  • PH level is 8.0/higher than average
  • Not cruelty free



Senka Perfect Whip Face Wash: Standard vs Collagen vs White Clay 

Other than the standard version, there are some other types of Senka Perfect Whip Face Wash that are made more specifically to match a certain person’s skin type or problems. 

The Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In cleanses the skin as good as the standard version. However, it is much more moisturizing as it contains 60% beauty serum with collagen. This may be more suitable for those with sensitive and drier skin compared to the standard version. 
The Senka Perfect White Clay has more skin brightening effects, as it contains natural minerals that help cleanse old keratin and impurities that are found deep inside pores. This product is suitable for those who have oiler skin or aim to brighten their skin.



Final Thoughts

Although this product worked very well for me in Japan, I don’t think it’s the best product for me to use in drier environments, in some areas in the US. This is especially because I have drier and sensitive skin, I think it would be different if I had oiler skin. I think that if I were to use this in drier regions, I would only use this product during the summer time, once a day after removing my makeup at night. However, because this product removes dirt and lifts up impurities very well, I would love to try the Collagen In version, which has more moisturizing ingredients that may match my skin type a little more. 

If you struggle with acne or oily skin, or even live in a highly humid environment like Japan, this is something that I would highly recommend you use. For the price and effectiveness in being able to remove unwanted gunk off your skin, it is absolutely worth buying.


japanese face wash senka perfect whip face wash lying on a white cloth stylish lifestyle photo 洗顔専科 パーフェクトホイップ 洗顔料





By Kaitlyn C.



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