Top 5 Best Japanese Cosmetic Brands in 2020

Top 5 Best Japanese Cosmetic brands in 2020

Like its skincare, Japanese cosmetic products are well loved and respected in the beauty community! If you have not tried a single Japanese makeup product, now it is time to wise up on your J-beauty knowledge! Don’t be hesitant by its cute and adorable packaging, the quality and pigment does not come second to none.

            There is no denying that Japanese beauty products are some of the biggest players in the global beauty community. Although Japan is responsible for bringing us some of the very best face serums, cleansers and lotions in the world. We suggest you don’t sleep on their amazing makeup products. Japanese cosmetic products focus largely on ingredients, quality and pigment of colours. You will see that a lot of Japanese makeup include glitters, shimmers and shines, that is because Japan is big on that natural and healthy glow, the effortless look that radiates inner beauty within you.

            Today, we will introduce you to the top 5 Japanese cosmetic brands that you might want to invest your money in some of their amazing quality products! We promise you will not be disappointed!








Canmake is one of the top selling Japanese cosmetic brands in Japan. They are known for amazing products with vibrant colours at an affordable price. Canmake is extremely popular among all generation from teenagers to working women, their products can be found at most Japanese drugstores including Matsumoto Kiyoshi. It is widely popular among teenagers because of its cute packaging and affordable prices!

If you love products with high pigmentations, Canmake is an amazing choice. You are getting the best for your bucks! Some of the most well-known products are the Cream Cheek Blush, it is known for its buttery texture that lasts all day long, it also comes in variety of colours. Giving you that natural no makeup look, the Cream Brush is loved worldwide by many beauty gurus.




2. Shu Uemura


Shu Uemura


Since it was first created in 1983, Shu Uemura brand has expanded exponentially worldwide as one of the most well-known cosmetic brands from Japan. Shu Uemura was a make-up artist who learnt his craft in Hollywood and turned his talent into a global brand. The cosmetic brand offers range of unique colourways and textures to experiment with!

Not only it is known for the wonderful makeup products, it also has some of the best makeup applicators, like the famous Shu Uemura eyelash curler that has been the top seller for many years. The curler targets towards Asian eye shape that is narrower and smaller, it captures every single piece of eyelashes and ensure that it stays lifted and curled all day long!




3. Dolly Wink


Dolly Wink


Established in the early 2000s by Koji Honpo and gyaru icon Tsubasa Masukawa, Dolly Wink’s main theme is to recreate that natural-looking eye makeup that can be worn daily. It draws out the sophistication and sparks the inner charm that every woman has. Dolly Wink has range of products that focus extensively on eye makeup, such as eyeliners, fake lashes, eyelid glue, mascaras, eye shadows and many more!

Their mascaras are known across the world for giving that extra volume and curls like no others, it has received many awards in the recent years as the number 1 mascaras in Japan. Dolly Wink products can be found at most Japan drugstores at an affordable price, simple packaging but impeccable quality!




4. Kate




Kate Tokyo is designed for the daring and modern city-dweller. The makeup products and techniques stimulate experimentation through a brave transcendence of style. Their products are inspired by the unique fashion and vibrants of Tokyo night life - the global fashion and beauty capital of the world.

KATE remains Japan’s Number 1 makeup brand in sales quantity. Their products are high quality at an affordable price, when you walk into Kate’s section you can see range of products from eye shadows, mascaras, eyeliners, foundations and lip products. Live life to the fullest and never stop experimenting your makeup looks with Kate!




5. Majolica Majorca


Majolica Majorca


If you are not an Asian makeup lover, this brand might sound unfamiliar to you. Majolica Majorca is widely popular in Asia for that cutesy and soft-girl look. This cosmetics brand is a branch from one of Japan’s biggest beauty brands, Shiseido. It is created to cater towards younger women in the market, Shiseido acknowledges the gap for vibrant high-quality products at an affordable price, which is why Majolica Majorca was created.

The products are formulated with high quality ingredients and unique packaging for teenage girls. Their range of mascaras are impeccable and are widely loved in the Asian beauty community. They offer over 11 versions of mascaras that target different eyelash type, from lifting to adding extra volume to create a fuller look for your eyelashes!




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