Nameraka Honpo Medicated Whitening Skin Care UV Foundation Cosmetic Base 50 g


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Introducing "UV base that protects the skin" born from skin care! After washing your face, this one is easy morning care. Ingredients that prevent rough skin and whiten the skin and the original soymilk fermented liquid from Honpo give moisture to the bare skin. For a natural finish with the skin color correction effect.


<Ingredients> Arbutin *, stearyl glycyrrhetinate *, water, decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, BG, low-temperature calcined zinc oxide, 2-ethylhexyl paramethoxysilicate, concentrated glycerin, neopentyl glycol dicaprate, polyoxyethylene / methylpolysiloxane Coalescence, soymilk fermented liquid, soybean extract, titanium oxide, silicic anhydride, dipentaerythrit fatty acid ester (2), sucrose fatty acid ester, ethanol, xanthan gum, citric acid, glycerin mono2-ethylhexyl ether, gellan gum, vitamin E, poly Acrylic acid salt, polyethylene glycol / decyltetradeceth-20 / hexamethylene diisocyanate copolymer, polyoxyethylene 2-hexyl decyl ether, mica titanium, crosslinked methylpolysiloxane, aluminum hydroxide, low viscosity methylhydrogenpolysiloxane , Phenoxyethanol * marks are active ingredients. Items not marked with * are other ingredients.