Biore Ouchi De Este Facial Smooth Massage Gel

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This gentle yet effective facial gel features ultra-moisturising and non-forming formula that transforms the usual face wash routine into your own at home facial. It integrates various natural ingredients to wash away impurities as well as adding moisture to the skin. It is recommended to use during the shower, where the steam helps expand the pores, allowing a deeper clean.

  • Get rid of stubborn dirt and impurities
  • Nourishment and moisturising
  • Relief stiffness
  • Simple at home facial
  • Gently and calming


How to use

Lightly wet your face, then in circular moment, massage appropriate amount of the facial gel onto your face. Focus on problematic areas such as chin, forehead and cheeks to achieve that smooth texture. Then wash away with water and dry with clean towel.