Pantene Moisturizing Smooth Care Treatment Conditioner Refill Extra Large 860 g

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I won't lose to any weather. For silky, cohesive hair [Conditioner]

Moisture Balance Provitamin Prescription

Since applying it to hair care inspired by provitamins that have effects on the skin, Pantene has been researching provitamin prescriptions for 70 years. We have a long-term partnership with the Swiss Vitamin Institute. Please use it instead of the conditioner for those who are worried about the spread and dryness of the hair. Just apply it to the hair and rinse it, and the finish will be like a treatment *.

For smooth hair that suppresses dryness and spread to the core * Pantene treatment A blissful time with a scent that changes from a sweet berry blend scent to a bouquet of roses loved by pink jasmine. You can feel the effect more by using the line.

“Ingredients” Water, stearyl alcohol, silicone quaternium-26, behentrimonium metosulfate, cetanol, fragrance, isopropanol, benzyl alcohol, EDTA-2Na, polysorbate 20, histidine, citric acid, pantenol, pantenyl ethyl, Mg nitrate ), Yellow 4, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Mg chloride (G), Methylisothiazolinone, Red 227, Blue 1