Baking Soda Toothpaste


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Baking soda (Na hydrogen carbonate: cleaning agent) power turns off yellowing caused by tooth tar, making bright white teeth.

With the proteolytic power of baking soda and the soft scrubbing effect that does not damage your teeth, the sticky yellowing is lifted and the whiteness is refreshing! Since it is something you can put in your mouth, it is made with only natural ingredients.

100% plant-derived soap base. Tighten your teeth tightly! Contains natural salt. A refreshing natural scent of peppermint essential oil. We also support electric toothbrushes. Clean the yellowed teeth with baking soda power, and smile with shiny white teeth. Cute Beppin-chan!

Carefully check that there are no abnormalities in your mouth before using. If it does not suit your constitution, please discontinue use.

<Ingredients> Ca carbonate, water, sorbitol, Na chloride, silica, Na hydrogen carbonate, soap base, bentonite, cellulose gum, fragrance