Bathclin Pharmaceutical Water Bath Agent Heat Sensation


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A new combination of "Yakuto" double crude drug granules that warms up firmly. Contains 16 types of botanical ingredients and herbal active ingredients. Enhances the warm bath effect and promotes blood circulation and metabolism. Efficacy is fatigue recovery, poor circulation, stiff shoulders, low back pain, roughness, acne, heat rash, rash, bruises, wrinkles, neuralgia, chilblains, cracks, rash, prenatal and postnatal coldness, hemorrhoids, rheumatism.

<Ingredients> Senkyu powder, Touki powder, Mg sulfate, Dry sodium sulfate, Sodium L-glutamate, carrot extract, ginger powder, ginger extract, bukuryo extract, roman chamomile extract, arnica extract, odorikosou extract, Dutch mustard Extract, gobo extract, sardine extract, garlic extract, pine extract, rosemary extract, chimpi extract, dokudami extract, jojoba oil, BG, silicic anhydride, PEG (120), DPG, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, fragrance, yellow 5, red 227, yellow 4