Clinica Enamel Pearl White Floral Mint 130G


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Enamel care prescription for strong, shining white teeth:
(1) Thoroughly remove stains on teeth
* Thorough removal of stains (colored stains) - Large and small W scrub (silicic anhydride)
* Decomposes and removes plaque - Enzyme

(2) Increase crystal density
* Promotes remineralization, increases enamel crystal density, and prevents tooth loss ... Medicinal fluoride (fluorine)

(3) Keeping the beauty of teeth
* Stain adhesion suppression - Stain barrier component (Na lauroyl glutamate)
* Finishes smooth teeth.
* Fine bubbles reach every corner of your mouth.
* Clean white floral mint flavor

[Effect / Efficacy]
* Whiten teeth
* Remove plaque and prevent adhesion
* Prevent tooth teeth
* Prevent bad breath
* Remove tobacco tar

<Ingredients> Wetting agent: Solbit liquid, PG / cleaning agent: Silica anhydride A, Silica anhydride / Foaming agent: Palm oil fatty acid amide propyl betaine liquid, POE hardened castor oil, POE stearyl ether, sodium lauryl sulfate / Medicinal ingredients: PEG4000, Na polyphosphate, sodium fluoride (fluorine), dextranase (enzyme), lauroyl sarcosin Na / flavoring agent: fragrance (white floral mint type), saccharin Na / binder, Xanthan gum / viscosity modifier, carrageenan, sodium polyacrylate / stabilizer, oxide, DL-alanine / refreshing agent, menthol / cleaning aid, sodium lauroyl glutamate / coating agent, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Dimethyl Dialyl Ammonium Chloride