Fitty 7 Days Mask EX Plus White Large Size 100 Pieces (Individually Packaged)

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The 7DAYS Mask EX Plus Ear Rubber is made to last almost change in the width of the rubber even when stretched, so it is not easy to hurt your ears, and the material is fluffy and gentle on your ears, so it is recommended for those who wear it for a long time. In addition, the rubber on the ear strap is attached to the front side (outside), so it is gentle on the skin even against the skin.

Wear it for a long time without hurting your ears.

Each piece is packaged in a bag for clean and hygienic. Convenient to carry. Each piece comes in a bag, so it can be placed directly in a bag or pouch. Comes in a bag for easy carrying without being bulky.

Firmly protects against dust, pollen, house dust, yellow sand, PM2.5

Available in large sizes and kids' sizes that have been highly requested. We do not sell slightly smaller. The kids' sizes are not included with the nose fitter in case of safety for children.

This product comes with a reliable "National Mask Industry Member" mark. This mask is produced in compliance with the "mask display and advertising self-criteria" set by the National Mask Industry Association and the "safety and hygiene self-regulations".

A fashionable inner box that you won't believe there is a mask. A Nordic style inner box with a natural Nordic design that fits in your entryway, living room, or workplace.