Muse Liquid Soap Hand Soap Refill Original (450 ml) Refill Pack


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A soap and hand soap brand that has been aiming to protect families from a wide range of bacteria since its launch in 1953.

A liquid soap that sterilizes, disinfects, and sterilizes a wide range of bacteria and viruses. Keep your hands clean for everyday use in the bathroom or washroom.

Also during epidemics such as influenza and colds, and during norovirus and food poisoning seasons. Rich lather for a clean finish. For daily gargle hand washing habits.

Contains hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing ingredient, for a gentle wash. The color changes when you whisk, keeping your hands clean and tidy. It is advantageous to buy the main body + refill together. With new ingredients, the comfort of hand washing is improved! The bactericidal power of the past remains the same!

Contains 1.5 times more bactericidal ingredients than conventional products to keep bacteria away. Plant-derived cleaning ingredients, hypoallergenic, allergy tested. Quasi-drugs. Contains the active ingredient salcylic acid, which gives a pleasant lather to the skin.

<Ingredients> Salicylic acid