Nikibi Care Acne Face Wash Quasi-Drug Unisex Medicinal Acne Care for Face For Sensitive & Dry Skin Foaming Face Wash Pimple Prevention Pore Cleanser Additive-Free (100 g)


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Removes sebum and dirt thoroughly. Reduces skin rashes and irritation. Kills and prevents acne bacteria from growing. It helps reduce inflammation. Penetrates deep into the skin, prevents skin rashes and reduces inflammation to prevent acne. No synthetic fragrance, no mineral oil, no silicon, no antioxidant, no synthetic coloring, no UV absorber, no sulphate, no oil.

Proven Satisfactory for 92% of Our Loyal Customers: Once they try it, they keep using it, and news of the product spreads by word of mouth. We’ve had a lot of great feedback from customers with problem acne. Non-Medical Product Made in Japan: Planned, manufactured, and sold by a Japanese corporation to ensure exceptional quality.Can be used by both men and women.Perfect as a gift.

Adult Acne is the Cause of "Blemishes": It is not easy to heal irregular skin with acne medication.By thoroughly removing makeup and dirt from the pores, it cleans the skin, preventing acne, pimples, strawberry nose, and prevents the accumulation of dirt in the pores to clean the skin.

Important to Use Daily: Medicinal acne care that contains a combination of active ingredients that work well at "preventing acne."This series has been formulated and developed through adjusting the composition of ingredients.In addition to face wash, we also provide cleansers, lotions, beauty serums, body milk, and creams.

<Ingredients> Simen-5-ol, Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, Na-2 hyaluronate, Dutch coconut extract, coconut extract, sabonsou extract, coconut oil extract, sage extract, lemon extract , Hyogi extract, Lemongrass extract, Oubaku extract, Palm oil fatty acid diethanolamide, Trehalose, Sorbitol solution, Steeric acid, Myristic acid, Concentrated glycerin, K hydroxide, Lauric acid, Glycosyltrehalose / hydrogenated starch decomposition product mixed solution , Citric acid anhydride, dl-α-tocopherol 2-L-ascorbic acid phosphate diester potassium salt, 2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine / butyl methacrylate copolymer solution, BG, anhydrous ethanol, POE (7) coconut oil fatty acid glyceryl, POE (100) hydrogenated castor oil, PCA isostearic acid POE (40) hydrogenated castor oil, PEG (120), CMC / Na, phosphate 2Na