ALLNA Organic Cleansing Gel Additive free pore opening darkening make - up remover 130


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Suitable for sensitive skin, Paraben free mineral oil not used, coloring alcohol free, synthetic fragrance not used, petroleum type surfactant not used, ultraviolet absorber not used, silicon free, antioxidant non use ethanol free.

There is no bad thing in the body, I want to make the best cleansing in the world"From our female employee's wish, we started the development.Firstly, completely additive free. Because we believe that bad things should not be put in the body so it is a "no additive item". Next, select carefully selected "natural" beauty ingredients one by one from a variety of beautiful herbs and add "kinds of natural herb".It took a huge amount of time to make up, I built it up with the memories of failing again and again.