DHC EPA for 30 days [Foods with functional claims]

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"EPA" is a food with functional claims containing 350 mg (*) of fish-derived EPA and 80 mg (*) of DHA, which has been reported to have the function of lowering triglyceride levels in blood.

With "EPA", you can take as much as 430 mg of EPA / DHA with 3 tablets per day.

* Per daily intake guideline


<Ingredients> EPA-containing refined fish oil processed food [Ingredient name] Refined fish oil (domestic production) / gelatin, glycerin, antioxidant (vitamin E) [Contents] 38.9 g [1 grain weight 433 mg (1 grain content 298 mg) × 90 tablets] [Nutrition facts label [3 tablets per 1299 mg]] Calorie 9.4 kcal, protein 0.35 g, lipid 0.87 g, carbohydrate 0.04 g, salt equivalent 0.003 g [Functional ingredients] EPA 350 mg, DHA 80 mg [Allergens] Gelatin * This product is labeled for specific raw materials and similar allergens. Please check the ingredients and do not eat if you have food allergies.