Orihiro Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Bag Type 180g

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  • Equivalent to 11000 mg of collagen with dense collagen

There are dipeptides called PO and OG (prolyl hydroxyproline, hydroxyprolyl glycine) as components peculiar to collagen. This product contains this PO and OG in high concentration (*), and by blending dense collagen,

Achieved a significant increase in collagen equivalent to 11000 mg

* Compared with the collagen raw material used in our conventional product (small molecule collagen hyaluronate)

  • Easy-to-use fragrance-free type

As it is a fragrance-free type, it does not interfere with the taste of drinks and food.

The double clear manufacturing method suppresses the habit of worrying about it, so you can use it deliciously no matter what you mix it with.

A manufacturing method that emphasizes the flavor and transparency of collagen.

First, gelatin is purified from the raw material as the 1st step, and then collagen peptide is purified from gelatin as the 2nd step. Since it can be divided into two processes, one is to make gelatin from raw materials and the other is to make collagen from gelatin, it is called "double clear manufacturing method".

  • Uses small molecule hyaluronic acid


<Ingredients> Pig collagen peptide (including gelatin), dextrin, sugar cane extract, ceramide-containing rice extract / glucosamine (derived from shrimp and crab), hyaluronic acid [Main component content (in 6 g of product)] Pig collagen peptide ... 5500mg (Uses 3.5% dense collagen / Ratio to collagen) [Collagen 11000mg equivalent / PO / OG conversion] Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid ... 20mg Glucosamine ... 100mg Ceramide ... 200μg