Reset Body Gentle Bream & Matsutake Soushi Food 5 Packs

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This product does not contain all nutrients needed for a single serving. Depending on your physical condition and constitution, this product may be slightly loose, and may not conform to your body. If this happens, please stop using it. For those who are permitted to food allergies, please check the ingredients listed on the package before using. Consume as soon as possible after opening the package. There may be slight differences in color, but this is not a quality problem. This product is for use with hot water. Do not dissolve in water. Please be careful not to burn with hot water when cooking or eating. ●In the event that there is any inconvenience in the quality, please send it to us. We will send replacement and shipping.

Contains brown rice & milled grain. Japanese-style food that is gentle on the body. Delicious to eat when you're hungry Simply add hot water and sprinkle freeze dried meals.

(Breake) per serving: Energy: 80 kcl (2.7 g), Protein: 0.03 oz (0.8 g), Fat: 0.4 oz (14 g), Dietary Fiber: 0.1 oz (3.0 g), Sodium: 1.5 oz (124 g), Salt Equivalent: 0.6 oz (16 g), Sugar: Energy (16 g), Fiber 3. 0g, Sodium 560 mg, salt equivalent 1.4 g


<Ingredients> <Dai miscellaneous cooking> Rice (domestic), bream, chicken egg, indigestible dextrin, brown rice (domestic), trefoil, barley, salt, soy sauce, flavor seasoning (katsuo) bream extract, sprouted brown rice (domestic), glutinous rice, glutinous rice Awa, pork fat, red rice (domestic), shiitake mushroom extract, hato wheat, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), pastes (processed starch, thickening