Slim Up Slim Enzyme + Super Food Shake Matcha Latte (315 g) Asahi Group Food


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Active enzymes + super food "matcha tea" shake.

Matcha taste with just the right sweetness.Uses a superfood "Uji Matcha" derived from Japan.

This shake is made with a grain fermentation extract that contains active enzymes.

Meals balance your meals as a base of the main meal, appetizer, and side dishes.

Diet Support: For 1 meal refilling (2.1 oz (60 g))

Approx. 193 kcal / Protein / Dietary Fiber / 9700 mg / 11 Vitamins & 10 Minerals

(Beauty Ingredients) For 1 meal refilling (2.1 oz (60 g))

Collagen 5,000 mg / Lactobacillus / Hatrop Extract / Wort Extract