Premium Standard Shipping

List of countries eligible for Rapid shipping

How to check if your order is eligible for Premium Standard Shipping

As Premium Standard shipping is eligible for 18 countries and orders that have a total weight less than 2kg, not all orders are eligible for this shipping method.



If Premium Standard Shipping option is shown in the Shipping method table during checkout, this means Premium Standard shipping is available as your destination country is one of the 18 eligible countries and your order is less than 2kg. 



When your order is over $100, we will offer either free standard shipping or free premium standard shipping depending on whether your order meets the requirements or not. If Premium Standard Shipping option appears under Free Standard Shipping/Free Premium Standard Shipping, this means that Premium Standard Shipping is eligible and we will ship your order by this method. If this option does not appear, it means your order does not meet requirements and we we will ship your order by Standard shipping