Bausch Lomb Blueberry Luteun and Astaxanthin Supplement 60 Tablets


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Blueberry & Lutein Formulated Supplements A

well-balanced, small-sized, easy-to-drink supplement containing Berry, Lutein, and Astaxanthin as main components from Bausch & Lomb, which supports the health of people in many countries.

We use bilberry from Northern Europe, which is rich in blue-violet natural pigment anthocyanins.

"Bausch & Lutein Blueberry & Astaxanthin" contains Florin GLO® Lutein from Chemin Health. FloraGLO® Lutein by the patent process of Kemin Health, Inc., a natural material extracted and purified, crystallized from marigold flowers, is the same as the lutein present in the human body

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<lutein> lutein is a component that is included in the green and yellow vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, in the body exists in the eyes and skin and breast and cervix. Lutein in the body is consumed due to environmental stress such as ultraviolet rays and smoking, but lutein is a component that cannot be produced in the body, so it is important to take it continuously through meals <Astaxanthin> A type of carotenoid And uses natural red pigment derived from Haematococcus algae.


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