DHC Chitosan Dietary Supplement 30-Day Supply


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Block fat. Diet for greasy

foods and health measures Chitosan is an animal dietary fiber extracted from chitin, which is the main ingredient in the shells and shells of crabs and shrimps. It is said to have the function of blocking the fat content that is abundant in oily meals and meat.

DHC's "chitosan" is a supplement containing 630 mg of chitosan extracted from the shell of crab per day. In addition, we added support ingredients such as ginseng and rice germ that help us to reach a healthy level, to enhance its function. Efficiently approaches a diet aimed at a healthier body. For those who are worried about their style and health but love oily foods, this is a good diet and health measure.
Recommended after a greasy meal.

* Please enjoy as it is without chewing with water or lukewarm water.
* Since this product uses natural materials, there may be slight differences in color. This is because the color is not adjusted, so there is no problem with the ingredient content or quality.




[Name] Processed chitosan food
[Raw material name] Ginseng extract powder, rice germ, reduced maltose starch syrup / chitosan (derived from crab), cellulose, glycerin fatty acid ester, Ca stearate
[Contents] 23.8 g (1 grain weight 265 mg x (90 tablets)
[Nutrition ingredients display [per 3 tablets 795mg]] Calorie 3.1kcal, protein 0.30g, lipid 0.05g, carbohydrate 0.37g, salt equivalent 0.0007g, chitosan 630mg, ginseng extract powder 45mg (80% saponin), Rice germ 30mg


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