DHC New Slim Diet Supplement 30-Day Supply


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Multi-faceted support for you to eat with 8 kinds of ingredients

"Newslim" is a dietary supplement that supports you in various ways.

Eight kinds of ingredients such as Gymnema, barley extract, citrus arantium and soybean peptide approach the extra ones to support your diet. In addition, vitamins B1, B2 and B6 are added to support efficient work. "Newslim", which allows you to take multiple ingredients at once, supports you who want to eat.

Food to match the volume of events, it is recommended to take several times.

* Use with water or lukewarm water.

* Since this product uses natural materials, there may be slight differences in color. This is because the color is not adjusted, so there is no problem with the ingredient content or quality.




[Name] Food containing seaweed powder [Raw material] Olive oil (manufactured by Spain), seaweed powder, Gymnema sylvestre extract powder, citrus arantium extract powder, melilot extract powder, soybean peptide, eucommia extract powder, barley extract powder / gelatin, glycerin, glycerin fatty acid Ester, beeswax, lecithin (derived from soybean), antioxidant (extracted vitamin E), vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 [Contents] 57.6g [480mg of 1 grain (capacity 320mg of 1 grain) x 120] Nutritional Information] [4 grains 1920mg] Calorie 10.8kcal, protein 0.58g, lipid 0.73g, carbohydrate 0.48g, salt equivalent 0.02g, vitamin B1 12.0mg, vitamin B2 12.0mg, vitamin B6 12.0mg, seaweed powder 200mg , Gymnema sylvestre extract powder 120 mg (total gymnemic acid 9%), citrus arantium extract powder 40 mg (synephrine 30%), melilot extract powder 40 mg (bear Down 5%), soybean peptide 40 mg, soy lecithin 40 mg, Eucommia extract powder (12 times concentrated) 20mg, barley extract powder 20mg


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