DHC Virgin Coconut Oil Supplement 30-Day Supply


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For diet and beauty / health. A popular supplement of coconut oil.
Coconut oil, which is said to be good for health, beauty, and diet, has attracted attention overseas as well. DHC's "virgin coconut oil" is a coconut oil
, because there are many people who want to give it a try, because they don't know how to take it or because they are not good at the scent of

coconut. A supplement in which a soft capsule is tightly packed with oil. You can take 1,500mg of coconut oil per 5 capsules a day. A supplement that you can easily take in anytime, anywhere without worrying about how to take or smell, why not start a "coconut oil habit"?

* Use with water or lukewarm water.
* Coconut oil may solidify or become cloudy due to temperature changes, but there is no problem with the ingredient content or quality.



5 tablets per day Total weight of 2,415 mg (content of 1,515 mg) 1,500 mg of virgin coconut oil [Main ingredients] Coconut oil [Adjusting agents] Vitamin E-containing vegetable oil [Encapsulating agent] Gelatin, glycerin


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