Ellips Hair Vitamin Hair Treatment


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"Ellips" is a well-known hair treatment in Bali with ever-intense UV rays. There are five types.

"Pink" treats and repairs damaged hair with hair dryer, coloring, damaged hair and split ends with perm.

"Yellow" protects the hair from ultraviolet rays (UV), and provitamin B5 and vitamins A and E nourish and nourish the hair and create supple, radiant hair.

"Purple" repairs hair damaged by the sun or coloring.

"Brown" ginseng (ginseng) prevents hair breakage and split ends and strengthens hair.

For "black", candle nuts and aloe oil block UV rays. Formulated vitamins A & E and B5 protect your hair from the sun and keep your beautiful shiny black hair.


For moisturizing pink & everyday damage care.
Contains jojoba oil to keep your hair and skin moisturized and keep your health. Also cares for damage caused by chlorine and drying of the pool. Rose scent.


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