FANCL Acne Care Cosmetic Liquid


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[Fankel (FANCL) Acne Care Lotion 1 (30mL) [Quasi-drug] Product Introduction]

  • [For skin that does not easily form acne] A medicated acne care lotion that enhances the barrier function of the skin and prepares the skin that does not easily form acne. (No use of disinfectant) Improve moisture and oil balance, healthy skin itself.
  • [Repeating adult acne] Prevents repeated acne by controlling excess sebum that causes acne, balancing water and oil. For fresh and soft skin without stickiness.
  • [Commitment component] Peony extract that calms troubles. Tonin that works for women, Soyo that works with other ingredients. In addition, Fangel's discovery of a combination of these three herbal medicines, the Chinese herbal extract, approaches the cause of acne and improves barrier function. In addition, the licorice component derivative of the combination component focuses on licorice, which has been prized for suppressing inflammation since ancient times in China. It leads to rough skin and acne-prone skin.
  • Can also be used by those who are suffering from adolescent acne.

* Non-comedogenic test completed. Use tested by a dermatologist. Not all people are free from allergies, skin irritation and comed formation.

* The pigmentation of acne scars that look like brown stains is due to melanin that occurred to protect inflammation. Approach melanin and care for traces.


Raw materials and ingredients

[All components] glycyrrhizic acid 2K, purified water, BG, concentrated glycerin, pentylene glycol, peony extract, tonin extract, perilla extract-1, mokutsu extract, prune enzyme digest, mallow extract, phytosterol, soybean phospholipid, natural vitamin E , Betaine, raffinose hydrate, glycosyltrehalose / hydrogenated starch degradation product mixed solution, diglycerin, DPG, methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine / butyl methacrylate copolymer solution, glycerin ethylhexyl ether, menthol, citric acid, Na citrate


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