FUJIFILM Metabarrier Metafire Supplement (150 tablets for about 30 days)

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Contains 500mg of L-carnitine to support combustion.

Metafire is packed with L-Carnitine to support your burning. Those who find it difficult to lose weight year by year. This is because the basal metabolic rate (the amount of energy consumed to maintain the body) decreases with age, and the body's ability to produce L-carnitine weakens. Taking plenty of L-carnitine will support you well. 

"L-carnitine" tends to be insufficient in intake.

If the ability to synthesize it in the body weakens, it will be necessary to take it with meals. However, foods that contain a lot of "L-carnitine" are mainly meat. People who are on a diet or who are elderly tend to avoid meat, so they tend to be deficient.


Three hot ingredients provide immediate and long-lasting burning power.

Capsicum extract, ginger, and hihatsu extract, these 3 burning ingredients make the burning power work immediately and last for a long time.



<Ingredients> L-carnitine L-tartrate (manufactured in Japan), ginger powder, hihatsu extract/crystalline cellulose, red pepper pigment, sucrose fatty acid ester, fine silicon oxide, brightening agent, vitamin C, tomato pigment, spice extract, (partially) contains soybeans)