Hada Labo Gokujyun 3D Perfect Face Mask 30 Sheets


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Moisture net 3D hyaluronic acid combination All-in-one mask Aging care with a moisture mask Every day,
in addition to 3D hyaluronic acid (moisture component) with a three-dimensional net structure, super hyaluronic acid (moisture component) is blended, collagen for aging care (moisture component) Contains ceramide (moisture component). It keeps moisture deep in the stratum corneum and does not let it escape, so it keeps the eyes and mouth dry without worrying about moisturized skin. The moisturizing care
masks according to age have a close contact effect, and the moisturizing ingredients for aging care penetrate deep into the stratum corneum
. Delivers moisture deeply into the stratum corneum, leaving the skin firm and moist.
・ After face washing, aging care is completed with this one sheet
・ Weak acidity as healthy bare
skin Considering gentleness to skin no fragrance no coloring mineral oil free alcohol (ethanol) free
・ patch tested (all persons) This does not mean that there is no irritation.)


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